10 Ways Proactive Home Maintenance Saves Money

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Regular home maintenance is very important. It will ensure your mechanical systems are operating properly and safely, can improve efficiency, help protect your home and investment and prevent expensive repairs down the road. A home that is well-maintained retains its value and will cost less to run.

HGB Construction in Edmonton is a construction and maintenance company that offers home maintenance and repair services. Taking a proactive approach to caring for all your home’s major systems, like plumbing, electrical, HVAC, ventilation and building structure, will save you money and ensure the safe, efficient operation of your home.

To give you an idea of the money and headache you can save yourself with proactive home maintenance, here are some common trouble areas that that homes face. You can compare the recommendation of preventative maintenance against the cost of a major repair or replacement.

1. Failed caulking, grout and soft flooring around the tub and shower:

This means you have water getting into your walls and floor. If you wait too long this will cause structural damage and rotted flooring, $5000 plus to fix. Instead, get to the issue early with new caulking and grout, ensuring it is sealed as needed.

2. Roof has curling or missing shingles in an area:

If your shingles are no longer doing their job, you can get a leaky roof and cause water damage to your floors, walls and insulation costing $15,000 and up. HGB Construction can inspect and clean the roof regularly including flashing, skylights and removing debris biannually to prevent this from happening. In some cases, a roof replacement might be required.

3. Gutters and downpours are damaged and leaky:

If you have inadequate drainage and damage to your eavestrough system, water can start to pool around your home, cause damage to your foundation and enter the basement. Depending on how severe the damage, you’re looking at a repair bill up to $75,000! Having your gutters and downspouts inspected and cleaned biannually, and repaired as needed, will prevent this from happening.

4. Water heater is old, rusty and might have a leak:

Hot water tanks only last 7-10 years. If yours is older than that and has rust or isn’t heating properly, it could mean it’s ready to quit. Unfortunately, when a water heater goes, it can  cause a major flood in your basement! This can destroy the flooring and drywall along with your belongings and cost anywhere from $5000 to $15,000 to restore everything. Instead, have your hot water tank inspected, cleaned and maintained annually to ensure that doesn’t happen.

5. Leaky and damaged windows and doors:

Did you know that your windows are the number one culprit for heat escaping your home? More than just letting out the heat, cracks and leaks in your window’s caulking can let in water that can damage the walls and siding, costing $5000 to $15,000 to fix. A technician will inspect flashing, caulking, paint and weather stripping and replace what is required annually.

6. There is soot near your heating vents, plus broken flues and ducting:

If you’ve noticed high utility bills and these tell-tale signs your furnace is in disrepair, you could be at the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. This is fatal. Don’t take the chance and have your furnace and ducts tested, inspected and serviced annually.

7. Deck is splitting, has lifting nails, rotten boards and loose railings:

There is no reason to let your deck get in such a state of disrepair. A replacement cost you $6000 or more, but simply inspecting, repairing and replacing boards as-needed can prevent that all together. A failing deck is a safety hazard.  Stained or painted decks should also be periodically refinished every few years to allow you to get the most lifetime and enjoyment out of your outdoor space.

8. Garage door is making strange noises and not lining up properly:

You should never attempt to fix or replace your garage door cables or strings yourself. These components have such high tension that if something went wrong it could cause damage to your vehicles and serious injury. A tech will inspect, test, lubricate, tighten and adjust hardware of the door and reverser annually. Failure of your garage door opener can cost over $750 to fix.

9. Leaky, rusted or clogged sink plumbing:

Like any leaks in your home, water damage is the number one thing you should be worried about. A leak under the sink, rusted traps or a faulty shut-off valve could result in water damaging walls, cabinets and floors. While the plumbing repairs might cost $600 or more, the water damage could cost much more to repair. That’s why early detecting through inspecting, testing and servicing your plumbing system is key.

10. Insufficient ventilation in your attic and/or crawlspace:

If moisture isn’t being ventilated properly out of your home, you could have hidden rot, mildew and mold, foundation and structural damage. This could land you a repair bill of $5000 or more. Instead, have these spaces inspected to ensure adequate ventilation before any damage occurs.

Handyman Services in Edmonton

HGB Construction offers a variety of handyman services including carpentry, drywall installation and finishing, painting, trim and door installation, shelving installation, plumbing and electrical repair, wood repair and refinishing, vinyl siding repair, drain cleaning, gutter repair and cleaning, tile installation and many other home repairs.

Take the proactive approach to home maintenance. Contact HGB Construction today!



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