Month: December 2015

Customized Storage Solutions

wood closet
You have closets and storage spaces, but it still feels like you are not sure where to put things or worse, where to find them if they’ve gone missing.  [...]

6 Tips to Help Avoid Getting Ripped Off When Renovating

RenovationFind Picture
Stories of homeowners getting ripped off by contractors and home renovation companies are always on the news.  We constantly hear stories about contractors [...]

Restoring Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops give your kitchen and bathroom a classic, beautiful high-end look that will never go out of style.  Natural stone like granite is [...]

Improve Your Furnaces Air Flow & Efficiency

Close Up Of Female Hand On Central Heating Thermostat
Does it feel like your furnace is taking much longer to heat your home than it used to? Are you constantly turning up the thermostate? You might assume there [...]

Detecting and Removing Indoor Mould

mould removal Edmonton
Condensation, high humidity, water damage, poor building practices and poor ventilation in buildings could provide the perfect growing conditions for [...]

What’s Wrong with Your Refrigerator?

refridgerator repair Edmonton
Issues with your fridge can cause costly repairs and reduce your machine’s lifespan. Keep an eye on your refrigerator to catch any signs that indicate there [...]

All About Interior Design

Photo Credit: MoJo Design Inc. in Edmonton
What is Interior Design? What do you first think of when someone mentions interior design?  The way a room looks?  Throw pillows and accent décor that [...]

Learning about Engineered Quartz Countertops

Engineer quartz is becoming a popular option for homeowners looking for a trendy, high-end natural looking countertop surface that is equally beautiful and [...]

Charges Laid Against Calgary Renovation Company

Bruce Hopkins
Global News reports that Bruce Hopkins and his renovation company called The Remodelers, was previously accused of taking customers money and not [...]

Avoid DIY Disasters During Bathroom Renovation

DIY Plumbing
It doesn’t take much for a seemingly quick plumbing fix or bathroom reno project to become a full-fledged, property-damaging, sometimes disgusting, [...]