Month: April 2017

Advice on Purchasing a Garage Door

Tips from the Pros at Creative Door There are many benefits to replacing your old garage door. In the cases of many attached-garage homes, the garage [...]

Importance of Spring Clean-up for Your Lawn

Properly caring for your lawn in the spring will help it grow lush, green and healthy throughout the summer and fall months.  Not only will a healthier [...]

Smart Home Security Systems Protect like Never Before

Technology is constantly evolving and in this digital age, home security is evolving with it. Home security has gone beyond window contacts and video [...]

Why Annual Furnace Maintenance is Important

Your furnace and heating system requires regular maintenance to ensure everything is running efficiently and safely. The last thing you want is for your [...]

How Window Coverings Save Energy

Without energy-efficient window treatments, as much as 50% of a home's heating and cooling energy can be lost through the windows. Gotcha Covered in [...]

Advantages of Phantom® Retractable Screen Doors

There are many benefits to installing Phantom® retractable screen doors in your home. Whether you’re installing it at the back door or your kitchen’s [...]

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait for Roof Repair or Replacement

If you suspect you have a damaged roof and have noticed water stains on your ceiling and walls, you should get your roof inspected and repaired immediately! [...]

Why Hire an Arborist?

Having trees in your yard can improve your landscape and curb appeal, provide shade and add a touch of nature to your outdoor living space. Having your [...]

Senior-Friendly Bathroom Renovations

For the elderly and people with mobility issues, the bathroom can be one of the most difficult and even dangerous rooms to use. An accessible bathroom [...]

Benefits of Tile

Tile is an attractive and durable building material. Whether you’re using it as flooring, back splash or around your tub and shower, proper tile [...]