2020 Vinyl Flooring Trends

Vinyl plank is a flooring option that is growing in popularity. With this growth comes new trends with different products. This includes wide plank, high variation, and other formats of vinyl. All these trends combine for an extremely wide selection of vinyl flooring to choose from, making this a hot product to include in your home renovation. From Deerfoot Carpet and Flooring Inc. in Calgary, here are the different types and trends of vinyl flooring.

Wide plank

Vinyl flooring can come in a similar look as hardwood. For wide plank vinyl, the planks generally from 7” wide to 9” wide. This flooring textile allows you to have a wide plank without the risk of boards shrinking, as wide hardwood boards are more susceptible to shrinkage. For example, if a 7” wide board and a 3” wide board both shrink 5%, the 7” wide board shrinkage will be much more noticeable. Wide plank flooring is great for large spaces. It looks better in large areas because there are fewer lines or crevices in the floor.

High variation

A high variation look is a popular feature found in high-end hardwood tile. The newest vinyl planks now offer the same high variation look at a lower price point. Typically, it was only available in exotic woods like walnut, tigerwood, acacia, or other materials. However, this flooring will make the floor a feature of your home. It draws the eyes, making it an excellent focal point that people will surely take notice of. High variation flooring is easier to match to furniture, paint, cabinet colors, and any other decor, as high variation products generally have multiple shades within to pull from. This offers more versatility while monochromatic floors will only offer a single shade.


When it comes to other formats, you have a few choices:

Glue down – The benefit of glue down is its flexibility and repairability. The flexibility
allows you to install on floors that are not perfectly flat. They are also easier to replace that a
click floor as you can just pull up the plank and replace it. Click floor you must unclick the entire
floor and replace the damaged board, but not with glue down vinyl planks.

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) – This format is the hardest and most stable because it has a high
stone content and a high impact rate. SPC is a very hard product to dent or leave an impression in, so
furniture with high-pressure points won’t damage the floor. The product is also very stable
during temperature changes and does not require transitions between rooms or large spaces.

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) – This format of vinyl flooring is more flexible than SPC but equal in durability. The material is very durable, being resistant to moisture and direct sunlight. WPC tends to be found in higher-end products and is considered the best overall format.

Flooring Companies in Calgary

Vinyl plank is Deerfoot Carpet and Flooring stores’ most popular product segment now, for all the reasons listed above. Their inventory has a wide selection of vinyl plank to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for. They order containers directly from the manufacturer and store the inventory in a secondary warehouse in Calgary to keep the pricing affordable for you, and the product ready to go.

Interested in vinyl flooring? Contact Deerfoot Carpet and Flooring Inc. today!

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