3 Benefits of spray-applied exterior paint

If you are planning to bring new life to your home’s exterior, you may only need a fresh coat of paint. As simple as that seems, exterior home painting is a big undertaking. For example, exterior painting in Calgary must factor in all four seasons of weather, precipitation, and the home’s exterior materials.

Spray-applied paint is popular for painting and refreshing a home’s exterior. This is not the same as ‘spray paint’ from an aerosol can. Instead, spray-applied painting involves a spray gun. These spray guns use air pressure to spray the paint.

Evans Painting in Calgary, Cochrane, and the surrounding area is a team of local professional painting contractors. The wide range of Evans Painting services includes home exteriors and spray-applied paint. Spray-applied paint can be applied to interior surfaces, which is a preferred method for painting large surface areas. Evans Painting shares the four main benefits of spray-applied exterior paint and how the process can update your house.

1. Versatility

Spray-applied exterior paint works on a variety of surfaces. Plus, you can apply it to trickier spots, like between bricks. Evans Painting recognizes this versatility and has a trained team of experts for spray-applied paint. They can spray paint vinyl, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), brick, Hardie board, or aluminum. The variety of materials you can apply the paint to means you can spray-apply paint to soffits, facia, doors, window trim, and more. Their spray-applied paint services apply to interior surfaces, too, like floors or ceilings.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Spray-applied paint often takes less time to apply than other ways of painting exteriors. And it dries faster as the spray gun usually uses a thinner layer than a roller or brush would have. The spray-applied exterior work from Evans Painting in Calgary is often the more affordable painting service for the entire home exterior work.

3. A better finish with spray-applied painting

Spray-applied paint creates an even and smooth finish. This type of finish can be attained with roll-on painting but is much easier with spray-applied paint. And the sprayers used in the process make it easier to get to all areas of the home’s exterior.

When to roll on paint?

Roller paint services certainly still have their place in home exteriors. Spray-applied exterior paint is helpful for large surface areas, but a professional painter can recognize when to use the rollers or brushes. On the other hand, roller-applied exterior painting can be helpful for all the finer details. Evans Painting is experienced with both painting services. Their trained painters can spray paint on large or smaller surfaces like trim or soffits. They’ll assess each part of the exterior and provide you with honest advice on how to get it looking its best.

Painters in Calgary, Cochrane, and Surrounding Area

If you’re about to take on a big job like spray-applied exterior painting or a small interior painting job, rely on the professional services from Evans Painting in Calgary. The team of experts can assist with projects in Cochrane and the surrounding area. In addition to exterior home painting, Evans Painting offers commercial and industrial painting services and more residential services. These additional residential contracting services include cabinet finishing and painting, epoxy floor coating applications, and wallpaper removal.

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