3 benefits of triple-pane windows

Triple pane windows might be the more expensive choice, but don’t be scared away by the slight price difference. If you’re new to the window game, then you’re probably trying to figure out which will be most beneficial to you. Edmonton windows are subject to extreme freezing temperatures, which over time can be hard on a single or even double pane glass. Adding an extra layer of glass allows less heat to escape, thus creating a well-insulated barrier.

Energy Efficiency

Gas is injected into both triple and double pane windows. The difference with triple pane windows is that gas is injected into both air fill spaces. Filling the air spaces between the panes helps to minimize the transfer of heat from the inside and outside of the house. Triple pane windows have lower U-values, which means it is better insulated and resists the flow of heat. The higher the U-value the less energy efficient the window will be. Windows in Edmonton should ideally have a lower ‘U-factor’, so less energy is lost – especially in the cold winter months.

Increased Condensation Resistance

Unlike double pane windows, you will be able to keep a relatively higher humidity level in your home during the cold months. Triple pane windows are made with thermal bridging in mind. Keeping the heat in and the cold out is vital to maintaining an efficiently heated home. Single pane or double pane windows many times have thermal bridges that allow heat to escape. Gone are the days of seeing frost and water droplets on the bottom half of your window. Read more to learn more about glass and glazing.


Triple pane windows are naturally thicker, as they are comprised of three panes of glass. These types of windows are more difficult to break than double pane. There is a higher chance that your home will be safer with triple pane windows, as they can be fashioned with security mechanisms to protect against home invasions. Triple pane windows do cost more than normal double pane windows, but are a great investment for your home.

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