3 Cabinet Painting Mistakes to Avoid

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A quick Google search for kitchen cabinet painting ideas will bring up a lot of beautiful inspiration. Cabinet painting might look easy. Just apply a few coats of paint to your cabinets and you’ll have a new kitchen in no time flat!

There is a lot more to cabinet painting than that. From getting the starting phase to the finished results, there are many things that can go wrong. If you want to paint your kitchen cabinets or modernize your bathroom vanity cabinets, Alberta Colour Painting in Calgary shares these common mistakes to avoid:

Rushing the job!

Trying to get the job done too quickly can be a huge mistake. Your cabinet painting project is not something that you can do in a day or even a weekend. For great results, commit to spending up to a week to get this done. If that’s not something you can do, hire professional painters like Alberta Colour Painting.

Forgetting to clean thoroughly.

Great results depend on good preparation. A huge part of that is cleaning the cabinets and all surfaces before doing anything else. When painting the kitchen, be sure to clean everything with a quality grease remover product. This will help get all that cooking grease and dirt off the surface. Paint over top of that grime, and you’ll get amateur results.

Painting without removing cabinet doors and drawers.

You might save time by keeping all the doors and drawers on the cabinets, but it will be a costly mistake! If you paint over the hinges, within a few months it will start to chip and peel off. Then you’ll have to do the entire job all over again. Save yourself time and headache by removing everything first.

Remember, when you remove your cabinet doors, tape every edge where the doors originally hung. This will help you achieve ta perfect line on that edge, so everything looks neat and professional. If you’re not painting the wall, tape all areas where the cabinets meet with the walls. You should also protect your backsplash, appliances and any furniture from paint and dust.

Consider professional cabinet spray painting.

If you really want your kitchen cabinets to look amazing, hire professional painters for a spray finish. Alberta Colour Painting can offer a range of stains for wood cabinets, or any colour you wish. Spray painting is an investment, but it will provide the best results for your cabinet painting project. You’ll have a modern, new kitchen you can feel proud of.

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