3 Components of your Electrical System

Electrical work for this home renovation completed by TDR Electric

Your home’s electrical system is so much more than just a bunch of wires leading to a panel. This complex system is responsible for powering your home. If something goes wrong, you should always hire a professional electrician like TDR Electric in Vancouver to fix the problem. DIY electrical work should never be attempted as it’s extremely dangerous and could cause injury or fire hazards.

Here are some of the components that make up your electrical system:

Outdoor Power Meter

Your electrical meter is likely installed on the outside of your house and will be either mechanical or digital. The meter is connected to the main power grid, usually by a cable that’s buried underground, but sometimes by a wire to a power poll. It stays outside so the electrical utility can come and read the meter from time to time. This meter keeps track of how much electricity you are using in kilowatt hours (kWh). This is how your electrical company knows how much to bill you each month.

Electrical Breaker Panel

Your main breaker panel is usually located in the basement in a utility room. When the electrical supply leaves the power meter, it goes into the breaker so it can be distributed to smaller circuit breakers, that then distribute electricity among the circuits in the home. These circuits supply electricity to different parts of the house. The size of the breaker will determine how much electricity your home can use at once. Therefore, many older homes require an electrical breaker upgrade, to be able to safely keep up with the higher demands of electricity we have today.

If there is an electrical overload on a certain circuit, the circuit breaker for that circuit will trip and cut off power. This is a safety feature that reduces the chance of fire. If your circuit breaker is constantly tripping, you should get TDR Electric in right away to take a look. There could be something wrong with the circuit, or you might require an upgrade to a larger circuit to safely power the appliances and electronics in your home.


Bundles of wires come out of the circuit breakers and lead to each room through the walls, floors and ceiling. There are three wires in the bundle: a hot wire, neutral wire and ground wire. The hot wire, usually red or black, carries the electricity from the breaker. The neutral wire, usually white, carries the current back to the electrical source at the panel. The ground wires, typically bare copper, is what acts as the circuit breaker. If something goes wrong with an outlet or wire, the electricity goes down the ground wire into the ground, instead of through a person causing electrocution, or an object, causing a fire.

There are many components of your electrical system beyond these three things including GFCI outlets, AFCI outlets and switches. If you have any questions or suspect there might be an issue with your electrical system, contact a licensed electrician right away.

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