3 DIY Landscaping Projects

Investing some time and money into your landscaping has many benefits. Not only can you create a beautiful yard and enhance your home’s outdoor living space, you can also boost curb appeal and resale value for your property.

While some outdoor projects can be done by a determined DIYer, you will save yourself time and stress by hiring the best Edmonton landscapers for the larger, more complicated projects. Here are three DIY landscaping projects you can tackle yourself:

Laying new sod.

Laying sod is back breaking work, but if you’re up to it, it could save you money in installation costs. If you’re in a new home and there is no grass in the yard, you can start laying the sod after preparing the surface. If you have an old, dead lawn that needs to be replaced, you’ll have to learn how to remove sod first.

You can purchase sod from a landscape supplier. Once you have it rolled out, it’s important that you give it enough water, so it can properly take root in the ground and start to grow. Do some research on how much it needs to be watered based on the time of year it is installed. You should also be careful when applying fertilizer. Too much chemical fertilizer could burn the lawn and ruin your hard work.

Planting trees and shrubs.

Choosing trees and shrubs for your yard can be fun! When you go to the garden centre or tree nursery, ask their knowledgeable staff to show you the types of trees that will thrive in our climate zone and your yards conditions. For example, one type of tree might need a lot of sun and won’t do well in your shady yard. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll need a truck to get the tree(s) back home for planting. The garden centre or nursery should also be able to give you instructions on how deep to plant it and how much water it will need. You might also have to purchase a wire stand to give your young tree good support.

Planting a flower garden.

You have a lot of options when it comes to designing a flower garden. Annuals will give your garden a longer bloom and more colour in the summer but will have to be replanted each spring. Perennials will come up on their own each season but have a much shorter bloom. You’ll also have to choose plants based on the amount of sunlight your flower bed gets and make sure that you prepare the soil with compost and natural fertilizer.

You’ll have fun going to the garden center to choose your plants. See what stands out to you and choose plants that are best suited for the climate, your soil and the amount of sun your garden gets. Read these 10 steps to beginning a garden.

If you think your yard might need a total overhaul, consider consulting with a landscape designer for the best advice. They can help create a beautiful landscape that has good flow, spaces for relaxing and spending time with your family and all the other aspects you want for your dream outdoor space. Read more articles about landscapers.

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