3 Drywall textures that complement decor and add design  

When it comes to drywalling, there is surprisingly a lot more than you can do with it than just as a material to build a wall. When used as a design feature, such as for arches or textures, it opens up a whole range of creative possibilities. For example, why settle for a plain wall when you can add complimenting texture and design to create depth and interest?

Allan Interiors Ltd. in Edmonton are drywall specialists for both small and large home projects. They share some drywall texturing ideas that’ll add interest and design to your walls:

1. Skip Trowel

Skip Trowel is one of the more popular drywall textures used for walls. With ceiling texturing, you can use fairly bold textures and designs. But with walls, unless you specifically want a feature look, it’s better to go for simple. Skip Trowel is a method that uses a curved knife. The mud is applied in a thin layer to the wall and the knife is then angled so that it skips across the wall. This creates the texture of small circles of raised mud over the smooth surface beneath.

Skip Trowel is a popular texture if you want to add a Spanish or Mediterranean style to your home or to a room. If you are doing a full house transformation, then plan to decorate with open styles and large windows. Woods and bright colours will help create that warm and comfortable feel. If you are changing just one room, then living rooms and bedrooms work very well with this look or just for the texture.

2. Crows feet  

As the name suggests, this texture creates the appearance of crow’s feet on the wall. The method is easy to create, simply by using a brush with stiff bristles. The mud is applied to the walls first, then, while still wet, the brush is used to push the mud up to create the texture. This particular texture is extremely popular for bathroom walls or living rooms.

Crows feet texturing is an easy way to add both depth and interest, without making the entire wall a feature focus. In larger living rooms, this is a great way to add some interest to otherwise large and possibly plain walls. It also helps add depth and balance by adding contrast to the overall design of the room. In a bathroom, adding paint to a textured wall will easily create a feature focus. Similar to the living room, it helps give subtle depth and interest to the space.

3. Sand Swirl

Swirled drywall textures are used particularly when you want your wall to be more of a feature focus. Other drywall textures are applied to add a subtle touch of depth and interest without being too obvious. Swirled textures though, are meant to be decorative and noticed. This texture is created by using a bristled brush to paint on the design with wet mud. Depending on preference, the texture can be half fans, interlocking Cs or full spirals. The “sand” aspect, comes from actual sand that is mixed into the mud, adding to the bumpy texture.

Adding a semi-gloss paint over top of this texture adds an extra sheen that will bring out the pattern even more. This is great if you want the texture as a main feature in the room or want to incorporate the wall with the design of the room. With the right lighting, such as in bathrooms, the texture creates the illusion of being underwater—perfect for a spa bathroom! Read more about how to decorate a room with textured walls.

Drywall Contractors in Edmonton

Allan Interiors Ltd. are the drywall specialists to call when you have a renovation project. They pride themselves in working in a timely and professional manner while honouring their customer’s budgets. Whether drywalling, texturing, insulating or taping, they provide services in it all. When you work with Allan Interior, they promise a stress-free and professional experience.

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