3 factors on which your Roof Replacement service in Calgary depends

When it comes to roof replacement, you need to shed a considerable amount. Such services costs you considerable time depending on the damage and total area, more money that you may want to give out, and a whole lot of patience. Therefore, it is essential to determine the cost of the service.

Size of the roof

Perhaps the most obvious variable while determining the cost is the size of the roof itself. Every Roof Replacement contractor in Calgary charges according to each square foot that requires service. To give you an idea, one square foot area is equal to a 10 by 10 foot area.

The roof’s pitch or slope

Before going for a roof replacement, take a moment to see whether your roof has a high pitch or a low pitch. A high pitch equals a steep slope while a low pitch equals a steady slope. You will also find homes which have no slope at all. These factors determine the cost to a great extent. A roof with a steep slope is harder to service and therefore costs more to replace, while conversely a roof with a gentle slope is easier to work on and therefore costs less.

In industrial jargon, servicemen use a certain height-weight ratio. For instance, if one says 7:12, then it means that the height increases by 7 inches per 12 inches of horizontal distance. Such a roof, or higher, are not naturally navigable and generally require more safety equipments. Naturally, Roof Replacement contractors in Calgary charge more for such roofs. Additionally, if your roof is heavy, it shall cost you more.

Roofing materials

Costs depend strongly based on the roofing materials. Generally, there are 3 types of materials which are used commonly: asphalt, slate and tile. A more expensive material for your roof is metal. Asphalt roofs cost $120 to $400, slate roofs cost $800 to $4000, tiled roofs cost $600 to $4000 while metal roofs cost $500 to $1800. All of these estimates are according to per 100 square feet. If you have premium tiles or need patterned placement, it costs you more.

Other factors

There are factors which can further push up prices. These include water damage, frosting and the placements of skylights and chimneys.

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