3 Garage Floor Coating Myths

Installing a garage floor coating on your residential or commercial garage floor has many benefits. It will make your floor look great, easier to clean and maintain and give you a strong, durable and safe floor. There are some myths about garage floor coatings that might be holding you back from having one installed. Zone Garage in Calgary shares the top three myths and truths:

1. All garage floor coatings are basically the same.

This couldn’t be the farthest from the truth! You can purchase cheap epoxy garage floor coating kits from a big box store and install it yourself, but this method will only last a couple of years before it starts to deteriorate and often comes without a manufacturer’s wear and tear warranty. Even if you do have a polyurethane or epoxy coating installed by a garage floor coating company, a regular garage floor coating doesn’t stand up to Zone Garage’s patented ZG-SHIELD® POLYUREA and polyaspartic garage floor coating which is different and superior to any product on the market.

These superior products are three times more resistant to abrasion than solid epoxy coatings and can be installed any time of the year. They are resistant to hot tires and common chemicals like road salt, calcium, grease and gasoline. These coatings sink deeper into the pores of your garage’s flooring, so it stays strong and in-tact for years to come.

2. Garage floor coatings will start to peel eventually.

If you cheap out on your garage floor coating, peeling is almost inevitable, and you’ll have to have your coating replaced in just a few years. If you go with a high-quality product and professional installation from the pros at Zone Garage, your garage floor will not peel away and will last for decades. If something does go wrong, Zone Garage offers a 20-year written manufacturer’s warranty. Other companies that offer polyurethane, polyaspartique or 100% epoxy coatings only offer a 5 year or more warranty on the product. Go with Zone Garage and gain peace of mind knowing your investment is well-protected.

3. The sun will fade my garage floor coating.

Your garage floor will be protected from the harsh UV rays from the sun, so don’t be afraid to leave the windows or garage door open while you’re working in there. In fact, their coatings are 100% UV resistant and will stand up to extreme temperatures. Not only will your floor stand up to whatever the environment throws at it, they are also 100% environmentally friendly too! Read more benefits of a garage floor coating.

Garage Floor Coatings in Calgary

Zone Garage is the exclusive manufacturer and installer of Granite Shield® products for garage and concrete floors using POLYUREA ZG-SHIELD®. Their intensive efforts in research and development have allowed them to revolutionize and dominate the market for garage floors and concrete coatings.

They offer POLYUREA PATENTED flooring products to market with nothing that compares to its strength and durability. Once dry, the coating creates a seamless membrane that is easy to maintain, slip resistant and extremely resistant to abrasion and impact.

They also offer Garage Packages complete with several different garage storage options. Garage floor coating and garage cabinets – Zone Garage has a solution for you for all your garage makeover needs.

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