3 Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2021

After spending over a year at home, you might have noticed some things you want to change. For many homeowners, the kitchen might need these changes. As the hardest-working room in the home, you might need to renovate the kitchen for function and looks.  Learning the latest trends in kitchen renovations might give you some inspiration and a place to start.

Contemporary Bath Kitchen and Design Center are Calgary kitchen renovation contractors. They share three kitchen renovation trends happening in 2021:

More storage in the kitchen

According to a study conducted by Houzz, about 94% of kitchen renovations had work done on cabinets. That could mean cabinet replacements, adding cabinets, or adding storage solutions to existing cabinetry. These numbers quadrupled from the year before the study.

The percentage of kitchen renovations that also added a pantry has also increased. 46% of those surveyed upgraded the pantry. That increase also includes adding a walk-in pantry. Since we’ve been eating at home more often, the need to store food has grown.

Cabinets are the most significant component of the kitchen, both visually and functionally. With the kitchens getting more use over the last year, it’s no wonder homeowners are seeking ways to stay organized. Having a dedicated space for the things you use in the kitchen, whether regularly or seldom, will make using the kitchen easier. Plus, reducing clutter improves visual appeal.

High tech faucets

High-tech faucets have also become a popular choice for a kitchen remodel. Calgary homeowners are attracted to energy-efficient and touch-free faucets. High tech features were in nearly one-third of upgraded faucets and appliances in the Houzz study.

These features include low-flow features, no-fingerprint coatings, and touch-free activation. You’ll find these features in high-quality products offered at Contemporary Bath’s 3,000 square foot showroom.

Neutral tones with colourful accents

When it comes to colours for kitchen renovations, homeowners are still going neutral in 2021. That means light tones of white, beige, and grey for the walls. Kitchen renovation companies Calgary see homeowners go for some more bold colour choices for some features in the room. These accent colours might include a navy blue feature wall, multi-coloured tile backsplash, or simply adding hints of colour with accessories around the kitchen.

If you’d like to add storage, upgrade your faucets and fixtures, or change the colours in your kitchen, connect with Contemporary Bath Kitchen and Design Centre. They are a full-service renovation company offering contemporary kitchens in Calgary.

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