3 Problems with Gutter Cleaning in Vancouver and How You Can Solve Them

Written by Adelco Home Services in Vancouver

You may not know this, but you can trace back gutters to the ancient Roman days. And why not? Gutters not only protect our beautiful abode from the several dangers uncontrolled flow of water brings – but it also protects our health by extension.

But all the protection gutters provide last only as well as they are maintained. In a city like Vancouver, where the rains hit hard –  a poorly maintained gutter spells catastrophe. It gives room for debris and dirt to accumulate, reducing the gutter’s efficiency at controlling the flow of water.

And when water strays off the course a gutter provides. Molds take root, paint gets eroded, pests fester, and the beauty of our home gradually recedes. This goes on and on till the roof gets damaged and all hell breaks loose.

While most owners are aware that Cleaning their gutter is essential to the protection of the house as well as their own peace, a number of factors hold them back from doing just that. We are going to take a look into a few of those as well as the best solution to them.

Lack of Time

The major hindrance to a clean gutter is a lack of time. Given the time, no one would leave their leaves and rodents rotting on their roof with for months. But with the hustle and bustle of modern life, time is a scarce commodity.

And unlike most other home chores, a clogged gutter is not easy to observe. So cleaning it slips through the mind quite easily. Making it easy for the problem to snowball into a serious issue requiring urgent attention and solution.

By now, however, we have to pay out of our teeth to solve the new problem, while still having to clean and/or repair the gutter anyway.


Located on the roof, gutters are not easy to reach even when you do create the time and energy to clean them out. For most, you need a ladder. Other taller buildings require building a scaffold for sufficient support.

Moving ladders around as well as staying on them for prolonged periods of time is very risky. In fact according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) about a quarter of a million people were admitted to emergency rooms from falls from ladders alone in 2019.

Most people take a glance at the risk involved in cleaning out their own gutters and just give up on it.

The Dread

To be honest, gutters are simply gross. Weeks and weeks’ worth of dust, grime and decaying leaves makes a hideous sight. Not to talk of the smell, ugh!

To make matters worse, jumping on a ladder with adequate protection makes climbing up and down a ladder clumsy and more susceptible to accidents.

The Solution

As with most things, professionals are the best at handling problems. A lot of worries with gutter cleaning can easily be solved by a professional gutter cleaning service.

The only difficulty then becomes finding a reliable, affordable, effective, and trustworthy professional that we can leave the task up to.

Fortunately, these virtues are what Adelco Homes Services are founded on.

Give us a call – for free! And you will be dazzled by the immaculate job our agents would do on your gutter.





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