3 Reasons to consider painting your home

A new paint job can be a simple way to change your home. Interior or exterior painting can also be a fun way to accentuate home renovations. Or neutral interior painting can give new homeowners a blank slate for their creativity. But aside from the stylistic reasons for painting your house, there are also functional reasons.

Pedigree Painting in Surrey has a wide range of experience with interior and exterior projects. Their efficient and detail-oriented process comes alongside excellent customer service and what you want as a finished product. Here they share three reasons to paint your home.

Paint can help protect

The colour of paint you choose for your home may take precedence during the planning stages. But the type of paint you choose is as important as the colour. Different types of paint have their own protective qualities. For example, a professional paint job in Surrey must have a certain moisture protection level. Pedigree Painting can help you choose the perfect type of paint for walls, wood finishes, and outdoor siding for long-lasting value.

Painted walls look cleaner and are cleaner.

A professional paint job requires thorough cleaning. As a result, the paint adheres better to spotless surfaces. Pedigree Painting ensures all necessary prep is made before coating your walls in new paint. That way, your paint job will look flawless and last for years to come. From here, you can update and refresh your house with any colour you desire. This is also true of exterior surfaces you wish to paint, which acquire even more dirt and dust.

It benefits you or future owners.

The main benefit of a professional paint service is personalization. Colour and finish choices can easily make your home reflect your personality. This makes the space far more enjoyable and comfortable. While personalized colour choices benefit you, other options can help future owners. Placing your house on the market? A professional paint overhaul, as offered by Pedigree, can create a more attractive listing. However, if you are planning to paint to sell choose lighter neutral colours. These colours are most appealing because they provide a blank slate for new owners to personalize the house.

Painters in Surrey

Pedigree’s full line of services includes residential, commercial, and new construction painting in Surrey. In addition, they are a team of professional painters who can cover interiors or exteriors. Plus, they offer other home décor and finishing services. These include drywall repair, wallpaper application, interior design, or colour and finish consultations.

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