3 reasons to focus on eavestrough maintenance

Eavestroughs play an essential role in keeping your house and property in good condition. Keeping them clean and in good working order will ensure they’re functioning correctly and protecting your home. You should clean out your gutters in the spring and fall each year.

Archer Residential Services in Edmonton offers eavestrough cleaning, window washing, and pressure washing services. They share three important reasons to focus on eavestrough maintenance.

They are a vital component of your home’s drainage system

Eavestroughs re-route water away from your home. Water from rain and melting snow runs down your roof and into the gutter. Then the water is routed away from the house through the downspout.

Even in the winter, meltwater is coming down the roof sporadically. Without eavestroughs, that water would spill over and pool around your home and yard. Standing water increases the chances of penetration into your home’s foundation or through basement windows.

Without proper drainage, that water can also damage your yard through flooding and soil erosion. Your eavestroughs must be clean and clear of leaves, pine needles, dirt, and other debris so the water can flow freely.

Eavestroughs protect your home’s foundation

As mentioned, water will spill over your roof overhangs and pool around the house without properly working gutters. Because of our climate in Edmonton, this can cause some issues. As the water gets into the cracks in your foundation’s concrete, it can freeze and thaw throughout the winter. The constant freezing and thawing will cause significant damage to that concrete. If it goes on too long, it can even impede the structural integrity of your home.

Foundation repair is costly. Save yourself the expense and the stress by committing to eavestrough maintenance. Hiring a company like Archer Residential Services will clean your eavestroughs thoroughly and ensure they’re in good working order. Learn more about how to clean gutters.

Eavestroughs can help protect your roof

Roofing is tough, but if the water is sitting on it too long, it can start to cause damage. Eavestroughs move water away from your roof. Removing the water allows your roof the chance to dry out in the sun. While water will naturally flow down a sloped roof, you want to give it the best opportunity to be as dry as possible for as long as possible.

Eavestroughs in Edmonton

Archer Residential Services in Edmonton offers a range of home services. Contact them for eavestrough cleaning, power washing, window washing, tree removal, pruning, garden rototilling, and other odd jobs around the home. They are committed to safety, using the best tools and materials, and keeping your home in its best condition.

Get ready for your home’s exterior spring cleaning.

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