3 Reasons to Replace your House’s Windows

The results of aging or leaking windows can show up in your home in different ways. For example, you may notice drafts, an unusual chill, frost on the windows, or your house getting too hot in the summer. And on top of these visual signs, you might notice it’s time to replace aging windows after reading your latest energy bill. A home’s windows play a huge role in airflow, temperature, moisture, and your own comfort levels.

Verdun Windows and Doors in Ottawa have over 40 years of experience with professional window installations. And as an environmentally-focused company with ENERGY STAR-certified window products, Verdun offers a few of the biggest reasons to replace aging, leaking, or outdated windows.

1. New windows can lower energy bills, and more

Homeowners can lower their energy bills by up to 12% when replacing old windows with ENERGY STAR-rated windows. All the window products supplied by Verdun Windows and Doors are certified RevoCell® windows. These windows have the ENERGY STAR label and are on the list of Most Efficient Products of 2023.

RevoCell windows from Verdun can be installed as casement, awning, bay, or custom-shaped windows. Verdun’s other window types, double slider and double hung, have a separate ENERGY STAR rating and are made with multiple weather seals. Ask Verdun about the potential government rebates, too!

2. New windows can increase comfort levels

Professionally installed window replacements will modernize your home for energy efficiency. And those will result in increased comfort levels for you. Windows in Ottawa need to protect from the cold, first and foremost, but also the heat and humidity. Energy-efficient windows can help maintain a more consistent room temperature, making any living space more enjoyable. Verdun Windows and Doors offer window products that use various technologies to ensure your home is comfy and draft-free.

3. Window replacements can increase a home’s value

Whether or not you want to immediately sell your house, window renovations ensure a better return on your investment. Any home with recently replaced windows can be a lot more attractive to homebuyers thanks to the modern style of the windows and the potential for energy cost savings.

Windows in Ottawa

There are many benefits to replacing old and inefficient windows. Verdun Windows and Doors in Ottawa can help you see all these benefits with their wide selection of ENERGY STAR window products. Their team has over 40 years of experience in professional window and door installation in Ottawa. Their window installations come in all shapes, too, allowing you to improve the look of your home while improving its function. Verdun Windows and Doors can improve the efficiency of your home with their professional door services as well. Their 40 years of experience in Ottawa includes professional door installations for front and back entryways and patios.

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