3 reasons you should leave tile installation to the pros

If you’re renovating, you’ve probably found inspiration for your tile selection and might be considering installing it yourself. Tile is an attractive, durable, and hygienic material. Whether you’re using it for flooring, bathroom renovation, or feature wall, it will bring aesthetics, function, and value to your home.

While people attempt DIY tile installation themselves, it’s almost always better left to professional tile contractors. Calgary homeowners will save time, headache, and even cost by hiring a pro. CJI Tile and Stone in Calgary shares why:

1. Experience and skill produce the best results

Sure, it might seem straightforward at first. Still, tile installation is a complex project that requires years of experience and developed skills to master. No room is perfectly square. That means you’ll have to cut tile to deal with awkward spaces, uneven floors or walls, and other unforeseen obstacles. If you choose a unique tile shape that is not square or rectangle, the challenge increases.

CJI Tile and Stone has a team of highly-trained, knowledgeable, and experienced tile installers. They understand what challenges could present themselves and quickly troubleshoot and solve them. They ensure a flawless installation of your tile and stone. Calgary homeowners can save a headache and get better results by hiring a professional.

2. Amateur tile installation is time-consuming

People tend to DIY to save money on labour. You can cut labour costs, but you must consider the value of your time. Learning how to do it properly, watching videos, and gathering tools and supplies takes time.

Even in doing so, they can’t make up for years of practice. You’ll find that DIY tile installation is painstakingly time-consuming. That means your bathroom, kitchen, or floors will be in construction mode for longer, disrupting your home life. Hire professional tile contractors in Calgary, and they’ll have it done quickly, efficiently, and flawlessly.

3. You won’t save as much as you think

Most people choose to DIY to save money. While you’ll save money on labour costs, there are many other expenses to consider. You’ll need to purchase materials, supplies, and tools for the job. If you make a mistake, it usually means taking out your previous work and replacing those materials. Or, if you’re unhappy with the completed project, you might decide to hire a professional to fix it up, and that will cost more money.

If you do not properly use the correct thin-set or waterproof a shower, you might have loose tiles or even a complete failure. Leaks in the floor can cause moisture and water damage and lead to mould or mildew. Water damage and mould remediation in the floorboards are expensive repairs. Avoid this with professional tile installation in Calgary.

CJI Tile and Stone will arrive with the proper equipment and supplies to get the job done efficiently. They’ve been doing this for a long time and will know exactly home many tiles you’ll need to purchase. As a result, there will be less waste, no costly mistakes, and a superb outcome for your tiling project.

CJI Tile and Stone is ready to help plan your next home renovation. Contact them today!



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