3 Signs of damaged gutters

Gutters, although small, play a considerable role in protecting buildings. More specifically, gutters protect buildings from water and water damage. But when a gutter is not installed correctly or suffers damage, the room is made for water to seep into where it shouldn’t. That water damage can have devastatingly adverse effects on your home or business.

Canam Roofing Ltd. in Vancouver is a team of highly-skilled and experienced roofers. As a full-service roofing company, Canam offers residential and commercial services. They can bring any roofing project from start to finish with underlay work, vent installation, hidden gutters, fascia, and clean-up.

Count on Canam for a variety of gutter services, too. They offer installation, maintenance, and repairs. In addition, they can assist if you notice the following tell-tale signs of damaged gutters.


Although gutters seem like a small and simple part of exteriors, they are a significant line of defence. Gutters protect and defend buildings against water. This is especially important in Vancouver. If you notice flooding in your yard, garage, basement, or other interior, it can signify damaged gutters. Canam can offer a professional assessment of your gutters and make the necessary repairs to avoid further flooding.

Foundation damage

If gutters don’t function as they should, then water will leak. Gutters exist to divert water to avoid flooding. And even if a building does not flood, enough water leakage can still damage the foundation. So when you get professionals like the team at Canam to install and maintain the gutters, you can protect against flooding and damage to the whole building’s structural integrity!

Exterior damage

A professionally installed gutter will protect the outside of buildings, too. And when gutters are in disrepair, the incorrect flow of water can cause various exterior damage. This exterior damage to a building can also occur on top of flood or foundation damage.

Roofing in Vancouver

The rain can be heavy and hard in this region. That, and other elements, make finding professional roofing services necessary for your business or home. Canam Roofing Ltd. offers residential and commercial roofing services, including gutter repairs and maintenance. They also provide start-to-finish roof installations for metal or shingle roofs, skylight and sky tunnel installations, and roof repairs.

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Roof installation by Canam Roofing Ltd.

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