3 Simple Upgrades to Prepare Your Home For Sale

You’re ready to put your house on the market in Calgary, and you also want to receive the highest value possible for your home. Some simple upgrades can help you achieve this. So how can you keep your upgrades simple and ensure a good return on investment?

In this article, Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design shares three simple upgrades that will increase your ROI and move your house off the market faster.

Interior paint

Painters in Calgary can make your home look fresh, modern and inviting with an outstanding interior paint job. With a few coats of the right colour, and various painting techniques, you can take an outdated, drab-looking home and transform it into the kind of house buyers are attracted to. If you don’t have the budget to paint the whole house, it’s nothing to worry about. Even a kitchen refresh can do wonders to increase the value and overall look. Paint the bathrooms and, perhaps, the master bedroom with a feature wall, to really take it up a notch.

However, choosing the right paint colours to put your house on the market is key. Avoid bold or bright colours, as those might not appeal to all buyers. Instead, consider light neutral tones that create a blank canvas for the next potential owner. The skilled professionals at Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design are here to help!

Cabinet renovation

It’s a misconception that you need brand-new kitchen cabinets to elevate your home’s value and aesthetic. Replacing cabinets is also time-consuming and costly. Calgary cabinet refinishing is an excellent alternative. Cabinet refinishing is another term for cabinet painting. Painting your cabinet doors and drawers can completely transform any room with cabinetry, giving it the look of a major upgrade without the price tag.

If you’ve got it in the budget to do a little more, cabinet re-dooring is another upgrade option to get your home ready for sale. Instead of replacing your cabinets, just the doors are replaced in this process. This isn’t the kind of job you want to take on yourself. Skilled professionals will use various techniques and minor modifications to ensure stunning results!

Can Do More Paint – Renovation & Design has got you covered here! They can also walk you through all options to help you decide if cabinet painting in Calgary or cabinet re-dooring is worth the investment for your particular home sale.

Interior door and trim paint

Another simple upgrade option that can go a long way is painting interior doors and trim in your home. This is another high-impact, low-cost paint option. Many people don’t give interior door, and trim paint much thought regarding home upgrades. However, doors and trim can get scuffed and banged up over time. A fresh coat of paint will make it look new again. Can Do More Paint – Renovation & Design has the experience and knowledge for all-things-door-and-trim paint!

Contact Can Do More Paint – Renovation & Design today! You’ll have your upgrades done and your home looking fabulous and ready for sale in no time!


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