3 Things to consider before installing a greenhouse window

Installing a greenhouse window in your home is a great way to get double the bonus of both additional natural lighting, as well as a space to grow your own herbs or flowers. It is also a great way to add a feature touch to any room and your overall home design. When it comes to installing a greenhouse window, you’ll want to hire professionals like GreenFox Windows to make sure everything is securely installed. Before you do that, however, there are a few factors to consider when it comes to location and design.

1. Plants or herbs?

Before you choose your window, it is important to decide what sort of plants you intend to grow in it. Whether you want to grow flowers, small houseplants or start a little garden, you need to know the number and needs that each of the plants require. If they need lots of space and lighting, then you should choose a room and wall space that is ideal for those needs. Typically the kitchen is the most popular spot, but living rooms or dining rooms can always make great locations.

2. Sunlight and direction

Plants require two important things: water and sunlight. Watering your plants is easy, but your greenhouse Calgary window needs to be where the sun shines most. If you are growing herbs in particular, make sure you know how much sunlight they need. Many herbs may require upwards of six hours of constant sunlight, while other may prefer less. Other plants, however, may need lots of sunlight, but indirectly, which means they need a spot that has sun, but not the full force of direct light. Take note of which rooms get the sun the most and then decide whether you want your greenhouse window in that room. 

3. Exterior space

Also keep in mind the exterior space a greenhouse window will need. If you want to install a larger greenhouse window, consider how far it will reach and where it will be. If it extends into your yard, are there any plants in the way? It you choose to make it over your kitchen or living room, is the exterior space going to protrude over a sidewalk or street? As with any time you install windows in Calgary, don’t forget to keep the exterior in mind.

Once you have the location, space and the types of plants you want to grow planned, it’s time to install. Greenhouse windows can be a DIY installation, but it’s always better to have a professional do the job. Otherwise, look for more inspiration with these greenhouse window styling ideas.


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