3 Things to Consider When Building a Fence

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There are many benefits to building a new fence for your home. Not only will it boost aesthetics and curb appeal, a fence around your property’s perimeter will also add safety, security and privacy to your yard. Whether you’re building a fence for a new home or replacing an old fence, First Class Fencing in Calgary shares some advice on what to consider when building a new fence:

1. Do you need to follow code and requirements?

Some municipalities might require you to obtain a building permit and will have requirements for your fence regarding its height, distance from property lines and sidewalks and materials used. Certain neighbourhood associations might have criteria that will dictate how your fence will look, it’s height and the materials you can use. Hiring professional fence contractors in Calgary will ensure all necessary permits are obtained and that your fence is built to any requirements.

2. Why do you need or want a fence?

Knowing the purpose of your fence will help you make some decisions. Is it to keep the dog in the yard? Then you could get away with a simple chain link fence. Do you want to block noise and add privacy? You might want a tall, solid wood fence. To add a decorative feature to your home’s exterior? Perhaps a custom-built architectural fence would suit you best. No matter what function you new fence to perform, First Class Fencing can offer a design that will best meet your vision. Learn more about building a fence.

Architectural Fencing
Architectural Fencing

3. What materials should you use?

If you’re building a wooden fence, the most common types of lumber are cedar wood or pressure treated lumber. There are pros and cons to both. Pressure treated wood has been treated with chemicals to make it more resistant to moisture, rot and insects. It is more affordable and generally long-lasting, but cheaper brands can be full of moisture and can shrink or warp when it dries. You also will have a hard time staining pressure treated lumber as the chemicals will prevent the stain from penetrating the wood.

Cedar, on the other hand, doesn’t absorb water as easily as other woods, making it less likely to twist over time. It is naturally resistant to rot and insects and is chemical-free, making it better for the environment. Cedar will also give your property a rich, warm and timeless style. If you don’t stain cedar, it’s rich colour will turn to a dull grey. You will have to stain it every other year to keep it looking new.

For a maintenance-free fence, you can choose materials like PCV and vinyl fencing. These fencing materials are versatile in design and can actually mimic the look of real wood, without the need for maintenance. They are 100 per cent recyclable, completely resistant to rot and insects and will last for years to come.

You can also choose chain link fencing, which is the most affordable option.

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Their mission as fence contractors in Calgary is to provide exceptional service and take your visions and make them a reality. To provide a pleasant experience while adding the perfect final touch to the landscape of your home and/or business.

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