3 things to consider when planning a home addition

Building a home addition is a significant endeavor. Whether you’re extending the footprint of your home, building a second level, a sunroom, or adding a bathroom, creating a proper plan is essential.

Peak Improvements offers home additions in Edmonton. They share some important things to consider when planning a home addition:

Set a budget with a bit of wiggle room

Before planning any significant renovation, you need to set a budget. A detailed and thoughtful budget will allow you and your design team to create an accurate plan for the renovation. When planning a budget, make sure you know what your priorities are for the addition. If some of your “wants” don’t fit the budget, having a priority list will make it easier to cut a few things.

To be safe, add 10 to 15% to your budget. This contingency fund will come in handy if there are issues or unforeseen expenses throughout the project. Peak Improvements might find something in your home that requires repair to up to code, or you might make additions to your original plan. Having that extra fund can help cover those costs.

Understand where and how you can build          

When you hire Peak Improvements for major renovation in Edmonton, they’ll make sure your plans comply with bylaws and building code. If you’re making significant structural changes to your house, they must comply with what is allowed in your neighbourhood. For example, some municipalities do not allow home additions over a certain height. You also cannot build too close to the street or buried utility lines.

You’ll also have to consider property lines and available space in your yard for the build. Are there any landscaping features, like decks or retaining walls, that you need to remove to make room? How close can you build to the property line or utility lines? These are all questions Peak Improvements can help you answer.

Hire the right home renovation contractor

Having the right contractor on your team is critical to the success of your project. For Edmonton home additions of this scale, you’ll need an experienced, reputable, and knowledgeable company. Their team should provide architectural and design services and schedule and manage all the tradespeople who will work on your project. A seasoned professional like Peak Improvements will create a beautiful, functional home addition while giving peace of mind throughout the project.

Contact Peak Improvements to start planning!

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