3 types of kitchen renovations and how to plan them 

Preparing for a kitchen renovation is important, but it starts with knowing exactly what type of renovation you have in mind. The better you understand what you want and can envision, the easier it will be to ensure a perfect renovation. When it comes to kitchens, there are three common types of renovations: cosmetic, remodel, and luxury.

Red Tree Construction Services in Edmonton is a general contracting company. They share the 3 types of kitchen renovations and how to plan them best:

1. Cosmetic renovation

These types of renovations are the easiest and typically the most popular style when it comes to kitchens. A cosmetic change can either be a large scale change or just updating a few features here and there. New countertops, resurfaced or new cabinets, or even upgrading your appliances are all cosmetic changes. Even just changing the paint colour and adding a new backsplash will go a long way in transforming your kitchen.

To plan for this, you need to decide if this is for yourself or to help sell your home. If you’re selling, look for things that will appeal to buyers. Start with paint colours and go for something bright, yet neutral. Resurfacing your cabinets for a high-end look will definitely be noticed as will a new floor. Hardwood is always appealing, but in a kitchen, go for engineered or luxury vinyl planks that can mimic the look. If the renos are for yourself, start by setting a budget and then decide what you don’t like or what is outdated. These changes should suit your needs, so there’s no wrong choice!

2. Remodel renovation

For a more major kitchen renovation and overhaul, there are the remodeling renovations. These are all about completely changing the layout of your kitchen. For your home, that may mean creating an open concept, adding a new island, or expanding a small kitchen. Remodeling can be both a major or minor project, but both offer great ROI. According to Remodelling Magazine’s cost vs value report 2020, even a mid-range kitchen remodel can recoup as much as 77.6% of the cost.

To plan a remodel, start by isolating what isn’t working about your kitchen. Either it’s too small for your needs, or it may be that your kitchen is too big. From there, think about what layout would be ideal. Galley kitchens are great for one chef, but if you have a big family, consider an L-shape instead. If your kitchen doesn’t have an island, consider the benefits and design appeal of adding one.

3. Luxury renovation

Luxury renovations aren’t limited by budgets and typically focus on lots of custom additions. This type blends both cosmetic changes and remodeling into the final design scheme. It may even include a new addition, such as a new breakfast nook or adding a walk-in pantry.

Planning these is as easy as deciding what you want in your dream kitchen. Whether that means a floor-to-ceiling overhaul or just updating with custom features, the choice is yours. To really optimize the layout, though, hire a professional to help with the design and planning stages. The company you hire to help with the renovations can likely help with perfecting those initial plans.

Kitchen Renovations in Edmonton

At Red Tree Construction Services, they turn your dreams into project realities. With a focus on quality material, communication, and trust, they guarantee satisfaction for every project. From kitchen renovations, new decks, or garages, Red Tree Construction Services has the right service for you.

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