3 types of solar panel systems

Solar panels are a great addition to any home, urban or rural. They are energy-efficient and will reduce your electricity bills. Interested in getting some of your own? The next step is to choose which system of solar panels will be installed in your home. From NuSolar in Edmonton, here are three different kinds of solar panel systems.


No matter if you live in a rural or urban area, as long as there’s a utility connection you can install a grid-connected system. This system is mainly made up of solar panels, inverters, and roof-mounted racking. You will commonly see this system installed on houses because it’s the basic solar panel system. This system will give your home all the energy you’ll need to keep your home running smoothly. Grid-connected solar panels are just one of the environmentally-friendly options for your home.


Off-grid solar panels are ideal for those who don’t have a utility connection to connect them to. Instead, power will need to be provided by another separate power source. This system is made up of panels, inverters, controllers, batteries, a generator, and system monitoring. The off-grid system is more on the expensive side since it will require more power to be initially brought to the site. However, with this, battery power can be built up and stored for later use. That way, when the sun isn’t out and power is needed, you’ll have it stored from previous sunny days.

Bi-modal / Grid Hybrid

This system is a combination of the grid-connected and off-grid systems. This system has solar panels, an inverter, controller, battery banks, and a utility system to connect it to. The hybrid model has the bonus of a backup system in case there’s a lack of solar energy while still being connected to the utility system. If the power ever went out, you’re covered with the saved back-up energy system. While each choice offers different features, this one gives you the best of both.

Solar Panels in Edmonton

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