3 ways a general contractor improves and ensures home value

Renovation and maintenance are two cardinal rules for any homeowners when it comes to ensuring or improving a home’s value. When it comes to renovations specifically though, it’s always best to leave it to a professional—like a general contractor. Once the work is done professionally, there is no room for errors that may affect your home’s value.

CJS Building Services Inc. in Calgary are experienced and professional general contractors. They share three benefits of hiring a general contractor to help improve and ensure your home’s value:

1. Boost your energy-efficiency and home value in one 

Not all updates and repairs have to be just for potential buyers down the road; some improvements can be a two-in-one benefit. Renovating and updating your home to be more energy-efficient is one such double benefit. Not only will those monthly bills be lower, but your home’s overall function will be improved. Better yet, it’ll also become a major appeal to potential buyers, should you later choose to sell. An energy-efficient home also means having a low-maintenance home that buyers will love.

Because remodelling to be energy-efficient is a major project or even part of a larger renovation, it’s best to call a general contractor. Not only will they take away the time and stress of tackling it yourself, but they guarantee professional quality.

2. Bigger is better 

When it comes to the size appeal of a home, it doesn’t have to mean that you need vaulted ceilings or that it’s time to build a whole new extension. But having the right square footage for your home—as in making the most out of the space—is a guaranteed way to boost value. This can mean creating an open-floor concept, renovating your kitchen to utilize the space or even updating the master bedroom.

A smaller home can be renovated to feel bigger or more spacious, just as a larger home can be made to feel homier. It’s all a matter of how the space is used, but more square footage is always appealing to buyers. A general contractor can help with this by using years of experience and knowledge to turn your vision into reality. Need ideas? Read more about home renovations that can increase your square footage.

3. Professional work doesn’t have an expiry date

When you invest in a professional to do repairs or a renovation, there is no expiry date on that work. The quality that you get now will pay off again down the road if you ever choose to sell. Potential buyers who see that a home has been cared for over the years, and professionally so, will view the house with increased interest. Having the stamp of a professional on your home helps give it a competitive edge against other houses for sale.

General Contractors in Calgary 

CJS Building Services Inc. is a professional general contractor company dedicated to ensuring your home is always at its best value. They provide the service, guidance, and quality necessary to improve and maintain the value of your home. CJS Building Services Inc. also prides themselves on ensuring quality customer service so you always have peace of mind with their work.

Don’t hesitate to contact CJS Building Services Inc. today and start boosting your home’s value!

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