4 Avoidable Landscaping Mistakes


With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking of how to refresh your yard. Whether you want to plant a garden, add a patio or walkway, or refurbish your lawn, these things can brighten your outdoor space. 

However, there are some avoidable mistakes to consider before taking on a landscaping project. The pros at Gardening Gurus Ltd. in Calgary can ensure the job is done right. 

Not researching your plant choices

Adding plants and greenery to your yard is a great way to bring life to your space, but you must consider what care they require. Several factors can impact whether or not your plants will thrive. Climate is a significant factor as well as care needs, and if you don’t consider this, you’ll end up with dead plants. 

Here are some examples of great plants for Calgary gardens: 

– Veronica Whitleyi – is a ground-growing plant that blooms blue and white flowers.
– Coralbells are low-maintenance perennial blooms in the midsummer with small pink flowers.
– Summer Phlox – Blooms in bunches and shades of pink, it’s an ideal beginning gardener plant as it’s easy to care for.

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Putting plants in the wrong spot 

Each plant will have its own unique set of specific needs. This includes watering, sunlight, and the other plants nearby. Putting a plant in a spot just because of its aesthetic could be a big mistake that could result in dying plants. Gardening Gurus can help you choose plants for the sunny beds and the shady parts of your yard, so your garden thrives throughout the season.

Too many ornamental items

A few decorations around your yard can add real character, but there is such a thing as too much. You don’t want to detract from your landscape or overwhelm the space. Instead, choose a few of your favourite decorative trinkets and space them out accordingly. 

Not hiring a professional landscaper and gardener

For those with big dreams for their yard, one of the biggest mistakes people make is not hiring a professional. Professional landscapers have the knowledge necessary to make sure your landscape project is beautiful, healthy and maintained.

They have the know-how to optimize and stylize your space by designing patio layouts and determining the best plants for the climate. They have access to the best products and equipment to make sure your landscape is perfect.

Landscapers in Calgary 

Gardening Gurus Ltd. has the tried and proven professional experience to take on your landscaping projects and bring them to life. They strive for customer satisfaction – and will do everything they can to meet your expectations. Gardening Gurus are experienced professionals who would like you to enjoy your yard!

Check out Gardening Gurus Ltd. in Calgary for all of your landscaping needs.

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