4 Basement bathroom ideas for maximum inspiration and value

When it comes to basement renovations, there is so much that can be done that it can almost be daunting. From a second living room, a new media room or a private cave or gym, the possibilities are endless.

Each option offers different value boosts and benefits, but what if you could double up on both a practical and value-adding addition? In that case, look no further than adding a bathroom to your basement renovation.

Just Right Renovations Ltd. in Winnipeg are home renovation experts who know exactly how to maximize your home’s value. They share some ideas for some value-boosting basement bathroom ideas:

1. Multipurpose bathroom & laundry room 

If you don’t have space for a laundry room upstairs, then the next best place is to put one in your basement. By designating the space to both the bathroom and laundry room, it doubles up on both practicality and purpose. Plus, because it’s in the basement, you can get creative with the layout design.

Depending on if you want a full bathroom or just a small powder room, there are few ways to combine the layout. An open concept, for example, simply divides the space into two. Add your bathroom set up at one end with counters, a sink, a toilet and either a tub or shower. Then put your washing machines and cabinets at the far end and voila!

You can reverse the idea and designate more space for laundry and a smaller space for a simple powder room. If the space is too small for a full bath, consider a shower with stackable machines next to it. Adding a half-wall will help create a recessed nook, that will make a perfect space for your machines. Look at these layouts of laundry and bathroom designs for even more inspiration.

2. Basement spa 

There’s nothing more relaxing or enticing that having your own spa at home. Better yet, by putting it in the basement you get the benefits of low, atmospheric lighting and complete silence! If the main point of your basement renovation is to create a private space, then a basement spa is a must-have.

Both a shower and a stand-alone tub to soak in are essential for a home spa, so make sure to plan enough space. Recessed shelving will be useful both for storing towels, but also having candles during your spa experience. Choose soft, ambient lighting, and treat yourself to luxuries like heated flooring or raindrop showerheads. Don’t forget to use natural wood themes as well, to really complete the feel.

3. Stylish powder room 

If your basement space is all about entertaining, then a small yet stylish powder room is all you need for your guests. A powder room is ideal when you need a bathroom, but also want to save on space. A vanity and toilet are all you need in a powder room, so choosing the right style décor is important.

Since the vanity is one of two main aspects in a powder room, make it the star focus of the room. Floating vanities, a custom-built one or a refurbished antique are all possibilities that’ll stand out and add style. To help add value, try dressing up the walls as well. Opting for custom moulding or paneling can help increase both the visual aesthetics and value of your powder room. As a final touch, don’t forget a statement mirror to really finish off the look.

4. Two-in-one guest suite 

Planning on adding a new guest room in your basement? Or maybe you have plans to rent out the space. Either way, a guest suite is a sure-fire way to boost value. If you’re just creating a guest room, then opting for a master bedroom layout is perfect. That way, your guests still get a private bedroom and bathroom, but the rest of the basement space can still be used.

On the other hand, transforming your basement into a rental suite means you can have more creative design. If you have more than one bedroom in mind, then consider a Jack-and-Jill bathroom design. That way, you can combine a bedroom with a bathroom, while still leaving room for a kitchen and living room space. Plus, you can have more than one renter or more space to host guests. 

Bathroom Renovations in Winnipeg 

Just Right Renovations Ltd. are experts when it comes to kitchen, basement or bathroom renovations. Whether it’s a quick fix job or tackling a full renovation, they are the professionals to call. They pride themselves in guaranteeing their customers get exactly what they want, with the best quality and care.

Don’t hesitate to contact Just Right Renovations today for any questions!

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