4 Benefits of a Custom Staircase

Custom staircase Calgary

A custom staircase is not only functional, providing a safe passage from one level of your home to another, it can also be a dramatic and perhaps the most attractive focal point in your home. Prestige Railings & Stairs shares 4 benefits of installing a custom staircase in your new home or home renovation:

1. Increased Aesthetic Appeal

A custom staircase will be like a work of art in the middle of your house! It will be a stunning focal point for your home’s design, will increase your personal enjoyment of your home and will be one of the first things visitors notice when they visit. Working with a professional stair builders in Calgary will ensure your custom staircase turns out exactly how you dreamed it would, even better!

Need some inspiration? View these stairway and railing ideas.

2. Increased Resale Value

Compared to a standard staircase, a custom built staircase will cost more up front to build and install but that investment could be recouped if you decide to sell your home. It will attract potential buyers, allow you to increase your asking price, give a real estate agent a strong selling point and could result in more favourable offers.

3. Provide Creative Solutions for Your Space

Do you have an unusual or narrow space? Are you wanting to follow a specific home design theme? Having custom stairs built can help you solve these problems. A custom stairway can fit in nearly any space limitation and can include curves, landings and other features that will add to the uniqueness of your home. Whether you need a staircase to fit a tiny space or a something impressive in a dramatic and expanded entrance, Prestige Railings & Stairs can design a custom staircase solution that will suit your space and needs.

4. Long Lasting Quality

Prestige Railings & Stairs will build your staircase to the exact specifications of your design and then install it in your home, quickly and efficiently. They offer creative and innovative design options, superior craftsmanship, a higher quality materials compared to standard ‘cookie cutter’ staircases. You can be sure that over time your staircase will retain its value, require minimal to no maintenance and will not be prone to cracking or coming loose.

Calgary Stair Builders

Prestige Railings & Stairs have been providing stairs and railings services to Calgary and area for over 25 years to the construction industry and are a preferred choice of builders, renovators, contractors, designers and architects when it comes to all things stairs and railings. Proud winners of no less than 20 Consumers’ Choice Awards for Business Excellence, Prestige has raised the actual business of creating stairs and railings to new levels.

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