4 benefits of concrete countertops

Whether you’re building the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams or remodelling your existing one, choosing the right countertop is important. You need it to be functional and durable, but also beautiful and complementary to the rest of the space. For these reasons, you should consider concrete. Concrete countertops are long-lasting, customizable, and visually impressive.

Phoenix Concrete Works in Edmonton offer custom concrete design for your home. Using high-quality craftsmanship and expertise, they bring your vision to life. Here are four benefits to concrete countertops:

1. Concrete countertops are durable

The first advantage of choosing concrete for your countertops is its durability. Concrete is incredibly strong and long-lasting. When correctly sealed, concrete countertops become heat resistant. This means warm pots and pans can sit directly on the countertops without damaging the concrete. Additionally, concrete is resistant to scratching and chipping. Although not scratch-proof, concrete performs significantly better than softer counter materials. With the help of a protective coating, concrete’s durability and strength increase. This means it holds up even better and lasts even longer. Concrete lasts for decades with proper care and maintenance.

2. Concrete countertops are easy to maintain

Fortunately, concrete countertops are extremely low maintenance. All you have to do is periodically reapply the protective coating. In addition, you should reseal your concrete countertop every two to three years. This sealer extends the life of the counter and increases its durability. Furthermore, it makes the concrete resistant to bacteria. In between resealing, concrete countertops are also easy to keep clean. To clean your concrete countertop, just use plain soap and water. 

3. Concrete countertops come in many different styles 

There are endless design possibilities with concrete. Different coatings dramatically change the appearance of concrete, creating different colours and shades. In fact, special glazing finishes and stains can produce almost any tint of concrete. This means it can fit several distinct styles, such as rustic, industrial, or sophisticated. This allows concrete countertops perfectly complement any kitchen or bathroom.

Additionally, concrete countertops can be customized with embedded items. For example, glass fragments, stones, ceramics, and shells can be placed into the concrete for a unique finish. Lastly, concrete tends to develop a patina over time. This creates a beautiful look that is even more unique to your home.

4. Concrete countertops fit your kitchen or bathroom perfectly

Concrete countertops are custom-made. They can be any shape or size! The concrete is shaped to your kitchen or bathroom’s dimensions, ensuring a precise and perfect fit. Consequently, concrete countertops can be made of a single piece of concrete. Smaller countertops are often one piece. However, large countertops might use at least one concrete piece. In this case, seams join the pieces. When done correctly, these seams are almost invisible. Whereas the grout in tile countertops can look dirty and is hard to maintain, you never have to worry about concrete seams.

Concrete Countertops in Edmonton

Phoenix Concrete Works are experts in luxurious concrete pieces. They craft bespoke concrete furniture, countertops, and wall claddings for homes in the Edmonton area. All their pieces are manufactured and created by them to match their client’s vision.

Contact Phoenix Concrete Works today for all your custom concrete needs.

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