4 design concepts to consider when planning your Edmonton bathroom renovation

When it comes to bathroom renovations in Edmonton, your options are many! If you’re looking for inspiration for your dream bathroom, consider these four design concepts when planning your Edmonton bathroom renovation:

1. The minimalist.

The simple, minimalist bathroom design style has been popular in recent years. Keeping the space clutter-free by using clever storage solutions to hide your things can help achieve this concept. This design is clean and simple but doesn’t have to be without flare. You can choose a colourful or uniquely shaped backsplash tile to add character. Other design ideas for a minimalist design include adding wood or concrete elements, using a framed mirror at the vanity and keeping with light, neutral colours.

2. The modern.

Modern bathroom concepts have clean lines, geometric patterns and neutral colours. Many modern bathrooms are floor to ceiling white, with maybe some earthy tones in the vanity backsplash. The modern design really creates a place for relaxation, while still being highly functional. Some modern bathrooms might feature a free-standing bathtub, wood shelving with simple potted plants, as well as unique light fixtures.

3. The high tech.

The technology of bathroom fixtures, faucets and features is constantly improving. You can have speakers playing your favourite music in the shower, while having a digital display showing you the temperature of the water and amount used. This allows you to keep track of and conserve water. You can also install smart toilets that flush and self-clean, towel warming drawers, and hands-free faucets. Check out these bathroom tech innovations you won’t want to live without. 

4. The day spa.

Bathrooms used to be a functional, somewhat utilitarian room in the house. Nowadays, you’ll see that more focus has been put on comfort and relaxation with bathroom renovations. Edmonton homeowners are choosing design features that help reduce stress, like light colours and tones you find in nature. Good lighting, clean and refined tile and large soaker tubs can be found in these spa-like bathroom concepts. Go ahead and splurge on your bathroom addition or bathroom renovation, you deserve it.

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