4 Mistakes Gasfitters Make

When you hire a gasfitter, you need to make sure he’s a good one. A mistake in such a task can lead to gas leaks, flames, and even explosions. Even with all the training for this demanding job, there are still some mistakes that gas fitters are prone to make. Here are 4 of them you need to know.

Mistakes Gasfitters Make

1. Not registering with the Regulation Authority

The biggest mistake a gasfitter can make is to not get himself / herself registered with the Alberta Regulatory Authority. While this does not happen that often, it doesn’t hurt to make sure. A professional gasfitter should have any one of the following certificates:

  • Alberta Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship
  • Alberta Certificate of Proficiency
  • Alberta Journeyman Certificate
  • Alberta Qualification Certificate

If you are hiring a contractor for gas fitting, make sure he/ she is reliable, reputable, and has the necessary credentials.

2. Fitting the gas meter in an unsuitable place

It’s very easy for snow and ice to build up on gas meters and appliance vents during the winter months. Severe build-up will end up damaging the meter which will cause disruptions in service. If the damage is severe, you will incur heavy repair costs. The greatest concern is accumulation of carbon monoxide in your space due to build-up on appliance vents.

A gasfitter needs to make sure that the gas meter is installed in an area that can be protected against frost and ice build-up. A sheltered place like a garage or a shed is best.

3. Not Installing the pipes well

Not installing the gas pipes will make you, your home, and your family open to a gas leak. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous as they lead to explosions.

When a gas appliance burns gas efficiently, the by-products are carbon dioxide and water vapor. However, if there is a problem with the gas fitting, the appliance will not burn gas properly, and the by-product can also include carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is extremely poisonous since it is odorless and lethal (a terrible combination) if inhaled over time.

4. Not dealing with customers in a courteous manner

Gas fitters are not doing you a favor. Contractors who don’t treat customers well, don’t necessary do the job well, or may even overcharge. If you think a gas fitter is not being polite and courteous, don’t hire him again.

If you are looking for reliable, certified and trusted gas fitters, Renovation Find is the place.

Think we missed out another major mistake that gas fitters usually make? Let us know.

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