4 Popular features to include in your kitchen remodel

Kitchen renovations are large, extensive projects requiring many big decisions. However, functional kitchens are about more than just the work triangle. Other features can significantly improve your daily kitchen experience.

Renovation Science in Burnaby offers full-scale renovation services, including kitchen renovations. They suggest a few features to include in your kitchen remodel.

1. A large sink

A common kitchen woe for many homeowners is a sink that turns out to be too small. Your sink should be able to accommodate large pots and pans without issue. Whether you want a single or dual sink is up to you. There are advantages to both! If you prefer to hand wash your dirty dishes, you’ll probably prefer a dual sink. On the other hand, a single sink is best if you rely more on your dishwasher. Dedicated chefs may even prefer an additional prep sink to speed up their cooking.

2. Kitchen eating area

A dedicated dining area within your kitchen is a fantastic way to get more out of the space. Of course, the amount of square footage available could limit your options. Small kitchens may only have room for a couple of bar stools. However, if you renovate with an eat-in area in mind, you’ll find it easier to integrate this secondary eating space.

An eat-in kitchen is the perfect informal place to gather with friends and family. You can share a quick bite before the main course (held in the dining room) or enjoy tapas fresh out of the oven. Kitchen islands are a natural choice for kitchen dining.

3. Under-cabinet lighting

Trying to chop vegetables in the dark is an easy way to lose a finger. Unfortunately, the prep areas underneath your kitchen cabinets are often poorly lit. Abundant daylight is great; however, it’s not always available. Consequently, there’s value in installing high-quality lighting underneath your cabinets to properly light your prep areas. You can also opt for dimmable under-cabinet lighting to give you more control and ambiance.

4. Hot and cold water dispensers

Life is too short to be continually waiting for hot water. It’s time to add hot and cold water dispensers to your kitchen. These devices are truly a modern wonder- you will never want to return to the old days when the water took minutes to boil. On-demand hot water is great if you drink coffee or tea. Plus, it gives you a jump start on a pot of boiling water. Frankly, a hot water dispenser streamlines everything.

Cold water dispensers can be installed with advanced filtration systems (like reverse-osmosis), so every glass will taste better and be better for you.

Kitchen Renovations in Burnaby

Renovation Science is committed to creating your dream home. Their team of expert contractors transforms your home to be more comfortable, functional, and beautiful. Furthermore, they aim to provide the best renovation experience possible through attentiveness, integrity, and strategic planning.

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