4 professional painting services to transform your home

A little paint can go a long way and professional painters have a plethora of skills and a variety of tools they use to makeover a home.

Here, Skeleton Crew Painting in Edmonton shares four ways professional painting services can give your house a brand-new look.

1. Interior Paint

The paint on the walls can define any space. If you’d like to brighten your dark and drab bedroom, a new paint job in a fresh colour will do just that. Kitchens can go from feeling dated and tired to modern and stylish because of the paint. The same goes for basically any room in the house.

There are also other ways interior paint can add a bold accent or a bit of flair. For example, paint the trim in a room black. Or your interior doors are blue. Consult professional painters on colour choices. They will pay attention to all the details, get the job done quickly, and ensure the perfect finish that DIY painting often lacks.

2. Exterior Paint

A home with curb appeal has to have outstanding exterior paint. Just like the interior, a professional exterior paint job can drastically improve the look of a home. The thing is, applying exterior paint to your home isn’t easy. Loose paint has to be removed. The walls need to be washed. You’ll also have to paint in areas that can be dangerous to get to. Seeking the services of professional painters with the right tools and equipment and experience painting exterior surfaces will give you stunning results. You also won’t have to put in the many hours of labour a do-it-yourself project requires.

3. Ceiling Paint

We’ve covered some benefits of painting interior walls, doors and trim. In addition, ceiling paint can also level up your home’s design. Interior design experts know ceiling paint can makeover a space in more ways than one. From clean and fresh to creative or bold, ceiling paint can bring in a host of new looks and add depth and space to any room. On the other hand, painting a ceiling can be tricky. It’s a lot of work, and you need the proper equipment. Leave this job to skilled professionals who can have your ceiling painted and looking gorgeous in no time!

4. Paint removal

Before applying new paint to any surface, the old paint may have to be removed first. If you see cracks, blisters, and, in some cases, corrosion, applying a new coat of paint overtop isn’t going to give you the final transformation you’ve dreamt of. Use professional painters instead of spending hours sanding, scrubbing and scraping away the old paint. Skeleton Crew Painting will ensure your walls are properly prepared and ready for the new coat. Then, your paint job will look fantastic and last for years to come.

Painters in Edmonton

Skeleton Crew Painting can help you with any of the above services and more! This company boasts over 20 years of experience. They can also use their expertise to suggest colours and paint types for the home makeover you’ve always wanted. In addition, they offer competitive pricing and work in residential and commercial spaces.

Reach out to Skeleton Crew Painting today!

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