4 reasons to choose Terrazzo for your home renovation

Terrazzo is versatile, attractive, durable, and a great choice for your wall tile or flooring. It is a composite material made up of small chips of granite, marble, quartz, glass, or other aggregates, combined with a binding material to hold it together.

Pernjek Terrazzo in Calgary shares 4 reasons why you should choose this quality tile for your home renovation:

Terrazzo is versatile in design

Because of how it is manufactured, Terrazzo offers endless options for colours and designs. Choose from a range of aggregates, like granite or marble, and combine it with your preferred resin colour. Not only can you choose from a range of colours and tones, but you can also get creative with designs and patterns with this material. You can even have a logo or other elaborate design on your floor, which is popular with commercial applications. Check out these Terrazzo flooring ideas for inspiration.

While Terrazzo is commonly used for flooring, it can be used in other applications around the home. These include feature walls, stairs, sinks, and even furniture like coffee tables and shelving units.

Terrazzo is durable and long-lasting

Terrazzo flooring can stand up to incredible traffic, wear, and tear. It is very strong and can withstand the pressure caused by heavy machinery and busy foot traffic. This is why it’s a top choice for schools, airports, and hospitals. It is resistant to water, fire, chemicals, and other spills. With your Terrazzo floor, you’ll rest at ease knowing the surface will last for years to come with very little maintenance. That brings us to the next point.

Terrazzo is a breeze to maintain

Because of its strength and durability, your Terrazzo tile will require minimal maintenance. To keep it clean, wash it with a damp mop and conventional cleaners. That’s basically it.

If there are areas of the tile that look worn, which almost never happens in residential applications, it can be stripped and resealed. Compared to other tiles, Terrazzo is also very easy to match, which means any damage can be repaired and refurbished at minimal cost compared to a flooring replacement.

Terrazzo is eco-friendly

Terrazzo is considered an environmentally-friendly flooring option. It’s used from natural, sustainable materials without the use of harmful chemicals. Even the resin that binds the aggregate components together can consist of renewable materials and contain no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). This ensures no harmful off-gassing and better indoor air quality.

Tile Flooring Installers in Calgary

Pernjek Terrazzo is focussed on epoxy terrazzo, but also provides professional concrete polishing and tile installation services. Tile installation services include natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles, custom showers and tub tile, kitchen backsplash tile, walls, and tile flooring.

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