4 things to look for when purchasing new windows

Windows are the number one cause of energy loss in the home. Replacing your old or damaged windows with high-efficiency windows can drastically reduce energy loss, increase energy savings as well as home comfort.

Gienow Renovations in Edmonton and Calgary share some key things to look for when purchasing a new window.

The material the frame is made of.

Window frames come in wood, aluminum, aluminum-clad vinyl, and vinyl. Gienow Renovations is partial to vinyl window frames. Innovative manufacturing has enabled vinyl window frames to be the top choice for both efficiency and affordability. Vinyl frames are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that offers better thermal protection than aluminum or wood. They come in a range of styles, are durable, long-lasting and low maintenance.

Double pane glass at the minimum.

Do not purchase windows in Alberta that are not at least double pane. It goes without saying, but double panes in a window is the minimal requirement for ENERGY STAR guidelines for efficiency. If your home currently has single-pane windows, an upgrade will greatly enhance your comfort at home and your home’s efficiency.

Choose the right window style for your home and needs.

When it comes to styles of windows, you have plenty of options. Gienow Renovations can help you choose the right style according to your home’s overall design and configuration. Sliding, picture, casement, bow and bay windows are all options. A window technician can take you through all your options and recommend the best choices for aesthetics, efficiency, and function.

Make sure they’re installed properly.

Window installation needs to be done by a knowledgeable and experienced installer like Gienow Renovations. DIY window installation, or hiring someone without the expertise, can lead to a score of problems down the road. New windows are not cheap, so protect that investment by working with a trusted, professional window company like Gienow Renovations. They’ll ensure your new windows are installed properly.

Window Companies in Edmonton and Calgary

Gienow Renovations serves both the Edmonton and Calgary regions. They’ve been manufacturing and installing attractive, high-quality windows and doors since 1947. They have their own manufacturing plant here in Alberta, so you can be sure your new windows can stand up to Alberta’s harsh climate. If you’re due for a window replacement, connect with Gienow Renovations.

Gienow Renovations in Edmonton

Gienow Renovations in Calgary

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