4 tips for roof maintenance this spring

Winter is hard on roofs. Snow, ice dams, high winds, and other extreme weather all take a toll. Your roof is what protects the rest of your home from the elements, so it’s crucial to keep it in good repair. Therefore, once the snow melts, it’s time for spring maintenance. This prevents further damage to your house’s structure and ensures that your roof can withstand spring rainfall. While you can always inspect your roof yourself, a professional roofer can identify potential issues that you might otherwise miss.

OCR Strong in Ottawa provides roof inspections, repairs, and installations, and offers spring maintenance packages and estimates. On every project, they bring quality craftsmanship and expert knowledge. Here are their top 4 tips for spring roof maintenance.

1. Clean your gutters

When spring arrives, one of the first things you should do is clean your gutters. During winter, debris often builds up in gutters and downspouts. This causes severe issues in spring if not dealt with properly. Dirt, twigs, leaves, and other materials clog gutters. Water on your roof is unable to drain correctly. The water can seep through your shingles or fall off the roof and pool around the foundation. Pooling can cause water and foundation damage.

2. Inspect your shingles

Check for loose, curling, or missing shingles. Winter winds and extreme weather can damage shingles. This is a problem because shingles protect your home from moisture. Without robust shingles, water gets past your roof and into your house’s structure. This can cause severe long-term trouble. If your shingles have sustained damage over winter, you will need to do roof repair or a roof replacement this spring.

3. Check the soffit and fascia

Soffit and fascia play an essential role in preventing roof and shingle damage. If they’re not maintained or damaged, they become a place for water to collect. Also, they help prevent pests like wasps or squirrels from getting into the eave and attic. If your soffit or fascia are damaged, OCR Strong can offer recommendations for a repair or replacement to ensure your home is protected and maintaining its value.

4. Get an inspection

Professional roof contractors know exactly what to look for. They can identify potential problems before they become critical repair requirements. Often, homeowners schedule roof inspections once they see a blatant sign of damage. However, it’s easy to miss less obvious issues that can still cause significant problems later. An experienced roofer can give you a thorough roof assessment and determine if you need any repairs. Their expert opinion is crucial to maintaining a solid roof.

Roofing in Ottawa

OCR Strong offers roofing services for residential and commercial properties in Ottawa. They provide estimates, inspections, maintenance packages, repairs, and new installations and do things right the first time with quality craftsmanship.

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