4 ways Ottawa masonry contractors can help with your home

Brick, natural stone, concrete, or other stone products can add protection, durability, energy efficiency, and visual appeal to your home. Stone is fire-proof, bug-proof, and will never rot. In most cases, it’s easy to clean and maintain. Whether you’re building a brick house, installing natural stone cladding, or pouring concrete for your garage floor, it’s a great choice.

Canadian Masonry Services in Ottawa are a locally owned and operated company that offers a range of masonry services to residential and commercial clients. Here are some ways they can help you improve your home.

Stone masonry, inside and out

For the average homeowner, stone masonry refers to installing stone veneer to the exterior or interior walls. For example, you can add stone to your home’s exterior as cladding, pillars, plant boxes, and other features. In addition, stone masonry can create visual appeal with stone fireplaces, seats, and feature walls for the interior of your home.

You choose the type of stone you’d prefer, and they’ll complete the work efficiently and professionally. Stone masonry adds value, aesthetics, and efficiency and is an excellent option for new builds and home renovations.

Concrete repair

If your concrete garage floor is cracked and damaged, you don’t have to splurge on an entirely new floor. Canadian Masonry Services provides repair services for your garage floor, steps, patios, and walkways. They offer a range of solutions, including resurfacing the concrete with a thin and durable polymer-modified cement layer.

If your concrete garage floor is cracking, it could be an issue with the base under the floor. In this case, Canadian Masonry Services will create a stronger base to protect your new floor from future cracks.

Spalling brick repair

Moisture penetration and the freeze-thaw cycle are common causes for decaying, peeling, flaking, and weathering bricks. Acid rain, salts, and other natural occurrences can also damage your bricks. These issues can cause the bricks to crack, crumble, or produce a white bloom of tiny crystals called efflorescence. Whether it’s on the side of your house, retaining wall, or chimney, Canadian Masonry Services can restore the brick.

Restored a 200-year-old chimney to today’s standard.

They’ll also try to get to the root of the issue, so it doesn’t happen again. For example, it could be trimming a bush or moving a shed to redirect water and moisture away from the brick. If other building materials cause the problem, they can suggest replacing your bricks with a more durable product. Learn more about spalling bricks.

Chimney repair

The freeze-thaw cycle can do a number on your chimney brick as well. If you’ve noticed your chimney bricks look like they’re flaking or crumbing, contact your masonry contractor for a repair. Canadian Masonry Services can evaluate your chimney’s situation and provide the best solution for its repair. Unfortunately, most chimney degradation is a result of faulty chimney crown construction. When you work with Canadian Masonry Services, they’ll provide a 5-year warranty on their chimney caps.

Masonry Contractors in Ottawa

Canadian Masonry Services offers a complete range of masonry services, specializing in restoration work. They offer a customer satisfaction guarantee and will quickly respond to all your inquiries and concerns. If you want new stonework for a renovation or build, or need restoration for your concrete, brick, or natural stone, trust the professionals at Canadian Masonry Services.

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