4 Ways to enhance interior paint renovations

A fresh coat of paint can certainly enhance the look of any room. But there are ways to take your renovations further. For example, combining other home renovations with painting projects makes it easier to create a seamless look from room to room. Plus, you can avoid ruining paint with future renovations and get them all done at once.

Oriah Contracting in Surrey has over 10 years of experience combining painting with home renovations. They work with various types of paint and offer complete home renovation services. Their expertise in both areas allows them to approach residential painting projects with attention to the complete look of the room.

New or painted cabinets

The look and finish of cabinetry are sure to impact the overall look of a room. In addition, cabinets are often part of the wall, the main focal point, and can be crucial in renovations. Oriah Contracting will take all cabinetry into account on painting projects. This includes refinishing or refacing old cabinets, installing new cabinets, and painting them to match the rest of the room.

Tile and backsplash

Like cabinets, the tile and backsplash are other pieces of the wall to consider when painting. If you have a backsplash you are happy with, your new paint should complement the existing look. Otherwise, tiles and backsplash are a fun way to add flare and style to a basic paint job. Oriah Contracting can help complete the look of any painting service with expert tile or backsplash installation. Tile or backsplash installation is a great way to enhance the look of bathrooms, kitchens, front entryways, and smaller rooms.


For a few reasons, flooring can be helpful to consider while painting your home. First, the flooring can take up as much space as the walls. This means the floor’s design will have as much impact as the paint on your walls. Choosing a new floor and new wall paint at the same time helps to create a beautiful finished product. Surrey’s Oriah Contracting has an expert team of painters and employs floor installation experts. They will work together to ensure your room or home’s look is complete and complementary.

Wall features and painted accents

A simple way to add texture and shape to your walls is with wooden features and accents. This can include something classic like wainscotting. Or, you can go for cleaner and more modern lines. There are endless ways to customize your walls with wooden features, trim, or different shapes. Oriah Contracting has experience creating seamless, clean, and eye-catching accent designs. The designs are then painted by their team of professionals to match the rest of the room’s look and decor.

Painters in Surrey

Some home renovations go hand in hand with new paint. For one, many other renovations are simpler to complete when the paint is applied in the end. Secondly, the combination can give you a more complete design and a higher return on investment. Oriah Contracting in Surrey is a full-service renovation company with an expert team of painters. Their wide range of residential renovation services can include painting, cabinet or floor installation, drywall, or tiles for any room in your home. They also offer commercial painting and renovations in Surrey.

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