4 Ways to update your home’s look with paint

Painting your home is an affordable and straightforward way to update its look. Interior or exterior painting adds a protective layer to different surfaces, too.

Hiring professional painting services is essential for many reasons. First, trained and knowledgeable painters can help you pick the right paint type. They can also help make expert recommendations on finishes and textures. Secondly, professional painters are trained in using a variety of products. This enables them to offer painting services anywhere in the home and on any surface.

Mustang Painting Ltd. in Edmonton is a family-owned and operated painting company. And as a full-service painting company, they can offer professional painting for any room in your home. Mustang offers interior and exterior residential painting and has several ideas for simple ways to update any home’s appearance.

1. Interior walls

Interior wall painting is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to create a new or cleaner look. You can start small with accent walls or by painting select rooms. Mustang can offer complete home repainting, accent walls, and choose room painting. Plus, their attention to detail and style can help bring all the home’s painting come together.

2. Kitchen cupboards and other cabinets

Painting or repainting kitchen cabinets and cupboards is a multi-step process. The cabinets’ original finish often needs to be stripped, and the cabinet surfaces repaired. Mustang Painting Ltd. offers cabinet refacing and painting for all rooms in your home. Their professional team of painters can create a seamless look for kitchens, bathroom cupboards, entertainment centres, garage cabinets, and any other wood cabinets or cupboards in your home.

3. Furniture and fixture painting

Updating your home’s look can be all about the fine details. These smaller pieces can have a significant impact when considered for painting renovations. Those smaller pieces and fixtures in a bathroom could include faucets, towel racks, and storage. In a kitchen, homeowners can repaint the faucets, cabinets, or possibly even counters, to add stylish impact.

Painting furniture can also create a modern flare for any room. Mustang Painting Ltd. offers a full range of painting services for all parts of your home. They can use spray painting and lacquer, to offer different finishes.

4. Exterior paint

A home’s exterior is the first place to apply new colour if you want to create a unique look with a significant impact. The exterior of your home is the first thing anyone sees and can positively affect curb appeal. Mustang Painting offers exterior painting services in Edmonton to help homeowners create a significant impact with their renovations. Their expert exterior painting services are like interior services. You may start small with trim, fixtures, and accents. Or, you can contact Mustang Painting in Edmonton for complete exterior paintwork that covers your entire house.

Painters in Edmonton

Updating your home’s look is as simple as a fresh coat of paint. And when you hire professional painters in Edmonton, new paint can instantly transform your home’s look. Mustang Painting Ltd. is a family-owned company with a variety of experience painting homes in Edmonton. Their interior painting services can include almost any surface in your home. Their exterior painting services work the same way and are applied with the harsh Edmonton weather changes in mind. They are a local company committed to completing the paint job seamlessly and on time.

Contact Mustang Painting Ltd. today to pre-book for spring and summer 2023 painting services.

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