5 benefits of choosing an eco-friendly contractor

There are many great reasons to renovate sustainably. For example, you may be looking to reduce your environmental impact and want to lower your monthly utility bills. But, no matter your motivation, an experienced and knowledgeable sustainable home renovation company can help.

O’Brien Contracting in Chilliwack is a sustainable company specializing in residential renovations. They share the benefits of choosing an eco-friendly contractor.

1. Recycling

Renovations are messy. Consequently, most renovation companies generate massive quantities of waste that go to landfills. However, many of these materials are actually recyclable or could be reused! That’s why O’Brien Contracting is committed to reducing its contributions to landfills. They do this by recycling as many materials are possible and donating items for reuse. As a result, this reduces the environmental impact of your renovation.

2. Disposal of hazardous materials

Hazardous materials aren’t just harmful to you, they are bad for the environment and must be disposed of responsibly. O’Brien Contracting has extensive knowledge of how to deal with hazardous waste properly and safely.

3. No VOCs or carcinogenic chemicals

Did you know that many conventional renovation products contain chemicals that can harm your health? For example, some paints, cleaners, furnishings, and other materials have volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs can irritate your eyes and throat and damage your liver and kidneys. In addition, you can find chemical formaldehyde in many products. Particleboard, plywood, and other laminated products usually contain this irritating and carcinogenic material.

Avoiding these materials is best for the health of you and your family. However, O’Brien Contracting can help you find safer and more eco-friendly building materials. Learn more about low VOC paint.

4. Sustainable materials

As you renovate your home, you inevitably have to choose new materials. However, not all materials are created equal! Some options are sustainable… and others are not. Fortunately, O’Brien Contracting can recommend the highest quality, sustainable materials for your renovation. For example, consider using sustainably sourced wood for your cabinets and millwork or sustainable insulation for your attic and walls.

The longevity and durability of products also contribute to their sustainability. After all, you have to replace poor quality and short-lived materials sooner and may end up in the landfill. On the other hand, high-quality, durable products last longer and are better for the environment.

Energy-efficient solutions

By making your home more energy efficient, you are kinder to the planet and will reap the benefit of lowering your monthly utility bills! O’Brien Contracting recommends upgrading your appliances to more energy-efficient versions. In addition, you can choose low-flow fixtures in your bathroom, insulation with a high R-value, and a tankless water heater.

Major Renovations in Chilliwack

O’Brien Contracting in Chilliwack provides sustainable and energy-efficient home renovations. They are committed to building a greener future and have extensive knowledge of eco-friendly construction practices and materials. Furthermore, they are passionate about producing quality workmanship that will exceed your expectations! They are also a family-owned business that provides every customer with honesty and respect.

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