5 Color Schemes for Cabinets and Flooring to Make the Kitchen Shine

Are you in the process of renovating your kitchen for a more welcoming atmosphere for guests? Do you want the color scheme for the room to be both fun and relaxing?

If so, then it’s time to learning about the best color schemes for your cabinets and flooring. Some options use contrasting colors to grab attention quickly, while others focus on simplicity.

The goal is to give your kitchen the shine that separates it from your other rooms and those of your friends. With our knowledge of kitchen renovation, no one will want to leave the room.

Here are five color schemes for cabinets and flooring to make your kitchen shine.

1. White and Navy

When giving your kitchen a new look, it helps to focus on flooring and cabinets first. If you want cabinet painting in Calgary to give them different colors, then one option we recommend is white and navy.

The countertops and the floor can be the same color, while the drawers and doors can match. The floor and countertops should be white if you enjoy lighter colors and want to add sparkle to the room.

2. Leaf Green and White

Some of you may enjoy the outdoors and want your kitchen to match the mood of relaxing in the woods. In this case, your best option for cabinets refinishing is a leaf green and white combination.

Whether you want to paint the floor or cabinets first, you should give the green to whichever is taking up the most space. This will help your kitchen look less plain and provide the natural atmosphere you’re looking for.

3. Bold Blue and Soft Blue

Do you live by the ocean or a lake and want to give your kitchen a scheme that brings in the atmosphere? If so, then your kitchen cabinets and flooring could use a bold blue and soft blue scheme.

As we mentioned before, your countertops and flooring should have the same shade to create contrast with the rest of the room. Painting cabinets bold blue will help the flooring brighten the room with soft blue.

4. Wood and Glass

Hardwood flooring cabinets need certain colors if you want to give guests a heavier focus on the wooden aspects. That’s where the combination of wood and glass for cabinets painting comes in.

With glass cabinets, you can add shine to the kitchen without making the room look too rustic. The wood color for the rest of the room can add a solid color for proper contrast.

5. Blue and Yellow

Your kitchen can also benefit from color schemes that are simple while giving the room the right amount of life. One prime example is painting your cabinets and flooring blue and yellow.

We recommend refinishing cabinets and floors with medium shades for each color so that different areas don’t get too much attention. It may also help to add certain colors to the walls such as green or red to give your kitchen a bolder look.

Giving Kitchen Cabinets and Flooring the Right Scheme

It’s important when giving your kitchen cabinets and flooring the right color scheme is to have fun and be creative. This will help your kitchen stand out among those in the neighborhood.

Some kitchens benefit from simple shades, while others get attention with extreme contrasts. You can also use inspiration from certain environments to create a welcoming environment.

With our knowledge of kitchen renovation, the room will become a popular hangout spot for friends and family.

For more of our kitchen expertise, check out our guides today to give your kitchen the right look.

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