5 Common Fencing Mistakes

Having a strong and attractive fence around your property will boost curb appeal, improve security and privacy and add value to your home. If you are fencing a rural property, reliable fencing along roads or for your livestock is critical. First Class Fencing are experienced fence builders in Calgary. They share 5 common mistakes people make when constructing a fence.

1. Forgetting to check property lines.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but many DIY homeowners have disregarded property lines when constructing a new fence. Before you start, double check the property lines and make sure you’re not building your fence on your neighbour’s property. If it is on their property and they have an issue with that, which most people would, you will have to tear down the fence and start over. This is a costly mistake and one that will never be made when you hire a fencing contractor like First Class Fencing.

2. Not creating a plan for the finished product.

When embarking on any home improvement or construction project, you should always develop a plan first. With a well-laid plan, you would know to check property lines and obtain any necessary permits required for your fence building project. You should visualize how you want the fence to look and take a lay of the land. Enlisting professional fence design and installation services from First Class Fencing is a good place to start. They will create a design and action plan for your project, ensuring that your residential, commercial or agricultural fence meets your needs.

3. Not knowing how many sections are required and if any will be different sizes.

When planning your fence building project, be aware of the size of the sections of fence and how many you will need to go around your property. In some cases, you might have some inconsistencies and will need one or more different sized fence sections. Figure this out before you start digging fence post holes. Knowing the size and amount of sections will tell you where to dig and how many fence post holes you need. This is all something that will be incorporated in your overall fence design plan.

4. Not checking local zoning bylaws.

Your city or municipality will have specific requirements and restrictions when it comes to building a fence. For example, there will be limitations on the height of your fence. Some might require a certain depth for burying your fence posts while others might not. If you live in a neighbourhood that has architectural restrictions, you might have to follow a specific set of guidelines for your fence. First Class Fencing will build your fence in compliance to local zoning bylaws and any neighbourhood requirements.

5. Forgetting to check with Alberta One Call

You should always have Alberta One Call come out to your property and mark out any underground utilities BEFORE you start digging holes for your fence poles. If you don’t, you could end up hitting a utility line and cause some major damage. If you hit a gas line, you could cause a leak and put yourself at risk. Having Alberta One Call come out to every property they work on, is part of First Class Fencing’s process.

Fence Contractors in Calgary

First Class Fencing is a Calgary-based residential, commercial and agricultural fence construction company fully dedicated to providing homeowners, homebuilders, business owners and farmers with durable, functional, and attractive fences throughout Southern Alberta. They are accompanied by some of the most experienced, talented and prideful fence professionals in the industry.

If you are looking for a creditable company that specializes in fences and gates; a company that’s driven by quality and stands by their work with industry leading warranties; look no further.

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