5 expert tips for Vancouver kitchen and bathroom renovations

When you’re renovating, considering your location is important. A renovation in the prairie provinces differs from one on or near the coast. Luckily, OSS Contracting in Vancouver knows how to work in these environments and has five expert tips to share. 

Materials are important

Choose materials that can stand up to your specific climate. Moisture, mould, and mildew-resistant products are a necessity when renovating areas with high humidity like the bathroom. For example, green drywall is the base choice. However, it’s still not waterproof and direct water contact can still damage it. Blue or purple drywall might be too much, depending on the room. A good contractor can help you choose the best materials for your project.

Choose cabinets wisely

Wood cabinets can shrink and swell with humidity, but you can protect them with proper finishing and sealing.  Plywood cabinet boxes are a better choice than particleboard. They’re durable, strong, and far more resistant to moisture. They are also more expensive, so that is something to consider. Older Thermafoil cabinets haven’t performed well in humid climates, as the coating tends to split from the base material. For the best advice, ask your designer about choosing the right set of cabinets for your bathroom and kitchen.

Don’t forget temperature

Temperature changes can cause problems. They can cause your materials to expand or shrink and can cause wood to bow or split. Choose materials that can handle the seasonal temperature changes inside the home and consider your heating and cooling settings. 

Know your moisture zones

The bathroom and kitchen are areas that will come into direct contact with water. While cleaning up spills as quickly as possible is essential, even short-term exposure can cause damage. For example, if the moisture is steam from a cooktop or dishwasher, it can affect your kitchen differently than a splash from the sink or overflow from your dog’s water bowl. For these rooms, consider water-resistant materials like tile backsplash or luxury vinyl plank or tile for the floors. 

Make a plan

Having a plan is the first and most crucial step. Work with your contractor to make a plan that fits your budget and lifestyle. Be open about how you live and your environment. That way, the contractor can help choose the right materials for a high-quality and pain-free install.

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations in Vancouver

OSS Contracting can help with your renovation. They work with customers at each stage of the process. They put the customer first, taking your ideas and making them a reality — in time and on budget.

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