5  Green Electrical Installations

Our homes consume energy to operate. Electricity is a big part of that energy consumption, however, there are things you can do to cut back on how much electricity you use. Here are some electrical services that can help you save energy, and save money, at home.

1. Install dimmer switches.

Dimmer switches help control the amount of light that is produced by a fixture. They can help set the mood and save energy too. An electrician can install dimmer switches that will alternate the supply of electricity to the fixture from on-and-off, so quickly that you don’t even notice the light is flickering. When the dimmer is turned to low, you’ll use far less electricity. This saves energy and money.

2. Install motion detection lighting.

Turning off the lights is the easiest way to save electricity, but sometimes we forget! Cut down on electricity usage by having an electrician install motion detection switches in the main areas of the house. The detector will turn the lights on when someone enters the room and when there’s no motion in the room anymore, it will turn them off again.

3. Stop using incandescent bulbs.

Have you noticed how much heat a conventional incandescent bulb produces? That’s because it’s using a lot of electricity and most of the energy used in creating heat, in order to create the light, you need. Upgrading to LED lighting will use a fraction of electrical energy and will last much longer. Switching to LEDs is worth the investment.

4. Go solar.

Solar power is becoming more accessible to the average homeowner. The Government of Alberta is offering incentives for residential solar power systems. They’re offering a range of rebates under the Residential Solar Program, which can help you save thousands on a solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

5. Use timers for outdoor lights.

Outdoor lights can enhance your home’s appearance, functionality and your own personal enjoyment. Who doesn’t love coming home to a house brightly lit during the holidays? Or enjoying garden lighting when spending a summer evening out on the patio? Outdoor lighting is great, but if it’s left on all night it can use a lot of energy. Light timers can turn off the lights automatically late at night and you can set them to turn them back on again at your desired time. In the in-between time, you’ll save on electricity.

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