5 Home Maintenance Jobs To Do This Spring

Winter has taken it’s toll, but the dawn of a new season is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about those spring home maintenance jobs that have to be done. Remi’s Handyman Services in Edmonton shares 5 home maintenance jobs to do this spring:

Inspect and clean out the gutters.

First walk around the house and inspect your gutters. The continuous freezing and thawing that happens in the winter time could have caused them to break or come apart from the roof. If they are damaged, you’ll have to have them repaired or replaced.

If everything looks okay, safely set up your ladder, carefully climb up and clean them out. It’s likely that leaves, twigs and other debris have gotten in there and that can be removed easily using a garden hand shovel. If you are uncomfortable with heights, contact Remi’s Handyman Services to do this for you.

Check the roof.

While you’re up cleaning out the gutters, give your roof a good inspection. Look for any curling or missing shingles, and singles that appear to have granules missing. This is an indication that you need a roof repair or replacement. You should also make sure the flashing around the chimney and other vents isn’t damaged or coming away from the roof.

If you suspect you have a leaky roof, go into your attic and check the beams and roof decking for water stains. You can also check the beams for rot by sticking the end of a pencil or screw driver into the wood. If it feels soft, you’ll need to have it repaired.

Inspect and seal your windows.

Look at your windows, both inside and out, to make sure that the caulking and weather stripping isn’t damaged or cracked. If you find a broken seal or peeling caulking, scrape it off and install new caulking to prevent air from leaking. If you have an air leak in your windows, it could lead to a water leak and will compromise your home’s energy efficiency. Learn how to caulk windows.

Clean, repair and stain the deck.

Once spring comes, you’ll want to spend more time outside on the deck! When the snow is gone, sweep off your deck and wash it with a pressure washer. Then check for any rotting or damaged boards and replace them. Depending on when you did it last, you might need to stain or paint your deck this year.

Spruce up your landscaping.

Enhance your outdoor living space with some new landscaping fixtures this spring. You can put in retaining walls, pathways, new flower and garden beds and an area to relax around a campfire. Remi’s Handyman Services offers landscaping services too.

Edmonton Handyman Services

Want to get some of those jobs off your do-to list? Remi’s Handyman Services offers a wide range of home maintenance and repair services including construction projects for interior and exterior renovations. Call in Remi’s Handyman Services to get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can get back to doing the things you’d rather be doing!

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