5 Ideas for a Kitchen Refresh

These are the must-have kitchen upgrades your home is missing.

You’re not the only homeowner considering renovations during the pandemic. According to NPR, home improvement projects have been on the rise for years. Since the lockdown began, the demand for home repairs has surged.

You’ll unlock the door to your dream home with these tips. Keep reading to discover how you can improve your property’s interior. The following are five must-do ideas for a kitchen refresh.

1. Update the Backsplash

You can start your kitchen renovations by updating the backsplash. White subway tile with wood cabinets will make your home feel more modern. Another idea is to add shiplap or patterned ceramic tiles.

2. Brighten the Room

A bright kitchen makes it easier to see while cooking while providing a more comfortable setting. You can upgrade your lighting fixtures or add small bulbs to the peninsula to lighten up the room. Another idea’s to invest in a skylight for an elegant touch.

3. Upgrade Appliances

If there’s room in the budget to upgrade appliances, you should consider investing in a better fridge and stove. You can keep up with what’s trending and purchase smart equipment. Homeowners who are interested in selling will add home value and impress buyers with these upgrades.

4. Improve Cabinets

You can invest in cabinet refacing, painting, or refinishing to improve their look. This cabinet guide will help you decide which choice is best for your kitchen refresh. Keep in mind, sometimes things can’t be restored and need to be interchanged.

5. Change The Sink

Sinks often go overlooked during home renovations. If you need more room for washing dishes, considering investing in a farm sink. Those who want a better faucet can easily change out for a pull-down or other upgraded option.

Other Kitchen Refresh Ideas

These are only a few of the ways you can improve your kitchen. Depending on your budget and needs, you may find yourself needing to do more. The following are other ideas you can use for a kitchen refresh:

  • Ceiling painting
  • Elegant touches
  • Replace countertops
  • Create more seating
  • Add or upgrade the kitchen island
  • Swap flooring materials

Not all home renovations are DIY, and some will require hiring an expert. Thankfully, the CDC has released guidelines to help you stay safe when accessing in-home services. Wearing masks, keeping distance, and disinfecting after they leave are highly recommended.

Improve Your Home Today

Improving your home has never been easier and comes with benefits you’ll enjoy for years to come. You can use what you read today as a guide to achieving a perfect kitchen refresh. These tips and ideas will get you closer to your dream home faster than you’d expect.

Your property says a lot about you, whether you’re meaning for it to or not. If you’re ready to start working on your renovations, you can contact us today to request a free quote.

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