5 Landscaping ideas to improve your yard this spring

This spring, make the most of the nice weather by upgrading your yard. When you create an outdoor area that’s enjoyable to be in, you maximize your property’s amount of liveable space. Fortunately, doing so can be as simple as making a few updates and additions.

Greentree Outdoor Living in Edmonton is a full-scale landscape design and construction company. Here they share five ideas to improve your yard this spring.

1. Add a deck or patio

Maximize your outdoor living space by installing a deck or patio! Decks and patios supply ample room to entertain friends and family in the fresh air. With the help of some outdoor furniture, potted plants, and lighting, you can create a beautiful space for socializing or relaxing. An outdoor area where you love to hang out helps you make the most of the good weather—while it lasts! Consider a pergola or gazebo for some shade and protection from the elements.

2. Fix the fence

A faded or broken fence can ruin the aesthetic of your yard. Fixing or replacing your derelict fence improves the entire yard and makes it a more enjoyable place to be. Alternatively, you might not even have a fence yet! Fences are fantastic for adding privacy and creating a safe space for your family. The increased sense of security alone is a good reason to install a fence. However, they also block noise, wind, and unsightly views.

3. Replace the grass

Is your grass looking more dead than green? Depending on the damage, it might be better to start over. Fresh sod installation gives you the opportunity for a perfect lawn.

If keeping a healthy lawn is a battle you’re struggling to win, contact a landscaping contractor for your lawn needs. They can provide mowing, weed control, fertilization, and seasonal cleanups.

4. Consider a water feature

A professionally installed water feature will add a sense of peace and tranquillity to your yard. You can choose from a simple fountain, waterfall, or pond, depending on your taste, budget, and space. Water features near sitting areas create the ideal environment for relaxing, entertaining, and truly enjoying your landscaping.

5. Plant trees and shrubs

Trees provide shade, add value to your property, and are visually beautiful. Additionally, adding trees to your yard creates the perfect habitat for birds, offers natural shade, and produces fresh, clean air.

When choosing trees, consider their mature size, growth rate, lifespan, tree shape, preferred climate, and resistance to storms and disease. Pick trees that can withstand our winter weather and storms. Otherwise, you could have a messy and expensive cleanup on your hands.

Landscapers in Edmonton

Greentree Outdoor Living offers residential and commercial landscape design and installation services. They’ll work with you and your space to create a beautiful and functional landscape design. Then, their crew of experienced installers will transform your property into an outdoor oasis. From decks and patios, retaining walls, pathways, and planters to water features, concrete, carpentry, and more, they have the expert knowledge and experience to build the outdoor spaces of your dreams.

Contact them to book a consultation!

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