5 Must-Have Items for Your Edmonton Kitchen Renovation


Statistics show that 83% of homeowners that choose to renovate their kitchen make the choice in order to increase the resale value of their home.

Are you considering starting any home renovations? Do you dream of having an organized kitchen? What kitchen renovation plans are you currently looking at?

You don’t have to stop dreaming about the ability to maximize kitchen storage or get that appliance you’ve been eyeing, you can act now to make it happen.

Keep reading to learn more about the must-have items you should consider for your kitchen renovations from KAY2.

1. An Island With A Purpose

If your kitchen already has an island, does it serve a purpose? There are many new designs in which the island can function as a table, oven, flat stove, sink, or bar area.

Designing an island that serves a specific function for your routine could free up counter space to be used for other things.

2. A Pot Filler

If you have a busy kitchen or a design in which the sink is far from the stove, you may find a pot filler useful. These are typically faucets installed near or above the stove with the sole purpose of filling a pot with water to boil or cook with.

Pot fillers are designed as tools for efficiency. You won’t have to worry about navigating dirty dishes in the sink to start cooking when you have one of these installed.

3. Integrate Smart Kitchen Technology

With all of the smart home devices being developed, the kitchen can sometimes be neglected when it comes to introducing new technology. You can start small by installing motion lights or extra lighting underneath your cupboards to illuminate the kitchen at night or when you are chopping on the cutting board and need more light.

If you like to listen to music while you cook, you could install speakers so that the music plays throughout the entire kitchen seamlessly.

4. Hidden Trash & Recycling Spaces

Trash and recycling are a necessary part of every kitchen but they are typically not aesthetically pleasing. Building a disguised space to keep these bins will help your kitchen instantly look cleaner in design.

Check out our blog to learn more about designing the best layout for your new kitchen.

5. Kitchen Renovations That Make Sense For Your Needs

When you share with your family and friends that you are considering renovating your kitchen, they will likely offer advice or express their opinion on what you should do. This can be helpful in order to gather ideas but you should ultimately choose renovations that will make the most sense for you.

An example of this could be with appliances. People may suggest getting a certain type of dishwasher or fridge because it has worked well for them. The key is choosing appliances that are easy for you to use and make your kitchen cleanup or organizational processes easier.

Get Started Today

Now that you have read more about the must-have items you should consider for your kitchen renovations, you can begin the process today. You can contact us to get a free consultation on the cost of renovating your kitchen. Thinking about how many times you use your kitchen in a day will have you in a hurry to make a few changes to it.


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