5 Reasons to choose GreenFox Windows & Doors

When installing new windows or doors, it’s important to work with the right company. There are many factors to consider like quality products, reliability, experience and more. It can feel overwhelming, but companies like GreenFox Windows & Doors are a top choice. With their high-quality products, experience and care, you can rest easy, putting your home in their hands.

Products built for specific climate

Between the hot summers and chilly winters, having robust windows is essential when you live in Calgary. That said, not all window companies have specially tailored windows to suit this climate. However, GreenFox Windows and Doors in Calgary use the latest innovative technology to ensure their products are thermally efficient against Alberta’s climate. In fact, all their windows and doors are made in Alberta. That means you save more on monthly utility bills and can rest easy knowing your new windows will last for years without damage from cold or hot weather.

Solid reputation 

The best way to decide if you’ve found the right company is to look at past reviews and references. A company that focuses on its clients, stands by its products and values and offers great service will be reflected in happy customers. Reviews let you read direct feedback about the services, attention to detail, and overall experience. GreenFox has a reviews page that showcases different customer’s experiences for different products. For example, if you want new basement windows, there’s guaranteed to be first-hand experiences you can check.

In addition to happy customers, always check the company from a business angle. Specifically, are they fully licensed? Do they offer insurance or have a trustworthy background when handling major projects or costs? For background checks like those, RenovationFind certification is the perfect check. The certification covers things like if the company has ever had any credit or legal issues or proof of insurance. All those factors are important when finding a trustworthy and reliable Calgary window company. GreenFox has an A+ certification, meaning they check off every box when it comes to being a reliable choice.

Lifetime warranties

Good warranties are a key reason to work with a professional for installations, especially with windows and doors. A good warranty typically covers 20 to 25 years, depending on the product, and will pay for any defects or repairs down the road. At GreenFox, they stand by the quality of their products so completely that they offer a lifetime, fully transferable warranty. That means that once you choose GreenFox as your company, you can rest assured any issues will be taken care of.

Flexible financing options

Replacing windows in Calgary and doors isn’t a cheap undertaking, even though it is a necessary one. That’s why GreenFox offers a low monthly payment plan specially designed to make getting new windows or doors affordable. You get the same quality and warranties but at a payment plan that suits your needs.

Energy efficiency products and advice

In addition to quality and durability, another promise from GreenFox is the energy efficiency of their products. Windows and doors are two main parts of a home that can easily become culprits of heat loss and higher utility bills. Using the latest technology, made-in-Alberta products, and years of experience, the professionals at GreenFox will find the right fit for your home and needs. Not only will your home look better, but they’ll guarantee it saves more at the same time.

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